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Welcome to Shantinagar Ladies Club Roorkee

Shantinagar Ladies’ Club was formed by the CBRI campus, popularly known as Shantinagar colony, with Late Mrs. Rajeshwari Mohan as its first Patron.

Today this club has more than twenty five active members from within the campus and its surrounding in its fold. With time, many of our members who have settled outside the campus on the superannuation of their spouses are still continuing as a member and the club is benefited to have their experience and wisdom in functioning of the club. The members are very active and dedicated to different constructive activities.

The members, a team of motivated and enthusiastic ladies, of the club believe in Gandhian philosophy that, “The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others.” The club members are devoted to a number of activities and a glimpse of the activities is as follows:

To oversee the activities of the campus school named as ‘Bal Vidya Mandir’, which was setup by the club.

• To extend helping hand to orphanage.

• To take part in the welfare activities of Shantinagar colony campus.

• To organize annual Diwali mela along with CBRI Staff Club.

• To celebrate occasions such as New Years’ day to uphold our cultural feelings.

• To take part in organizing flower show competition in CBRI campus where the other Institutions   of the Roorkee town (IIT,NIH and BEG) participate, where flowers blossom and the campus    become colorful.

• To inculcate team spirit and also to generate awareness on various aspects, the club organizes   different competitions such as Rangoli competition, flower decoration competition and salad    making competition etc.

• To organize yoga classes and dance classes for the ladies and childrens of the campus through    expert trainer; and so on..

        The club members believe, “Where there is love there is life (Gandhiji)”.

From Patron's Desk

Shantinagar ladies’ club, a wing of CBRI community is dedicated to the creative activities for the betterment of the society. Members of the club do exchange their views to generate awareness, to create an ambience of better living in the society through several of its initiatives. We, the members of the club are always together and strongly believe in woman empowerment. We can breathe freely in a society where we can think and work freely. The club organizes several programmes through the active participation of the members.

I feel honored to be the Patron of this club. Through this, I convey my heartiest greetings to all the members of the club. I appreciate whole heartedly their dedication, innovative ideas, team spirit and the enthusiasm.

        I wish all success for their future endeavours and to live as a happy family.

As Gandhiji said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”.



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