PI: Dr. A.K. Mittal


WP 1: Classification, Analysis and Restoration Technologies.                             

1.1.: Classification of important heritage structures and extracting superior features of Indian traditional knowledge of building science.

1.2.: Development of novel and simplified analysis procedure for the structural systems.

1.3.: Effect of Construction Activities adjacent to Heritage Structures and Remedial Measures for Strengthening of Foundations for Heritage Structures

1.4.: Development of innovative structural restoration and retrofitting strategies for the heritage structures.

1.5.: Structural analysis of heritage buildings pre and post retrofitting

Task Leaders: Ms. Hina Gupta, Er. Debdutta Ghosh, Ms. Aswathy M.S., Er. Siddharth Behera


WP 2 : Non Destructive Evaluation.

2.1 Development of hybrid non-destructive techniques and signal processing algorithms for multi-wave imaging.

2.2. In-accessible foundation studies of Cultural Heritage sites using non-invasive techniques

Task Leaders: Er. Debdutta Ghosh, Dr. P.K.S. Chauhan, Ms. Hina Gupta


WP 3 : Material Development.

3.1: Conservation and restoration of lime mortars and brickworks.

3.2: Development of compatible repair materials for stone masonry in  heritage structures

3.3.: Identification of fungi on select heritage structure and development of suitable anti-fungal chemical from medicinal plants.

Task Leaders: Dr. L.P. Singh, Dr. Rajni Lakhani, Dr. Rajesh K. Verma