Development of Fast, Durable and Energy Efficient Mass Housing Scheme:

[ PI: Dr. Ajay Chourasia, Dr. Ashok Kumar ]

Sl. No.Title of the ProjectPrincipal Investigator/Co-InvestigatorDuration
1.      WP 1 : Development of Materials For Mass Housing Structural Elements.\n1.1 Development of cold-formed steel (CFS) wall panels housing system with improved structural performance & fire resistance.1.2 Development of Bio-based construction material for sustainable mass housingEr. Chanchal SonkarDr. AK MittalDr. Leena Chaurasia0917-0320
2.      WP 2 : Performance Evaluation of Precast Panels and Framed Structural System.2.1 Standardization of designs & layouts of prefab housing units with improved thermal performance.2.2 Development of prefab RC shear wall systems and evaluation of their lateral load resistance.2.3 Development of efficient mechanical anchorage device for precast beam-column joint.2.4 Performance evaluation and improvisation of pre-fabricated building systems.2.5 Development of dry-construction technology in buildings.Ms. Sayantani LalaDr. Shailza SinghDr. S.K.PanigrihiMs. C. ShermiDr. Kishore Kulkarni0917-0320
3.      WP 3 : Reducing Resource Use in Housing Construction. 3.1 Recycling of agricultural/ industrial/solid wastes for building infrastructures.3.2 Eco-friendly corrosion inhibition to improve concrete durability.3.3 Protective coating for improved energy efficiency in buildings.3.4 Development of anti-termite barrier for mass housing.Er. Soumitra MaitiDr. A.K. MinochaDr. S.R. Karade Dr. P.C. Thapliyal Dr. B.S. Rawat0917-0320
4.      WP 4 : Mechanization in the Housing Construction Sector. 4.1 Mechanization in construction process of mass housing.4.2 Mechanization in production of prefabricated building components of mass housing.Dr. S. K. PanigrahiEr. Ravindra S. BishtEr. Soju J. Alexander0917-0320
5.      WP 5 : Disaster Resiliency in Housing Project.5.1 Design interventions for enhancement of robustness in traditional construction, numerical and experimental investigation.5.2 Design of confined masonry construction using different types units (concrete masonry block, ACC block).5.3 Improvement in CSIR-CBRI developed pre-fab technologies.5.4 Design of fire safety and evacuation strategy for buildings.Ms. Swati KulashriAr. S.K Negi , Dr. Ajay Chourasia Er. Ashish PippalDr. Shorab Jain0917-0320
6.      WP 6 : Geotechnical Solutions for Mass Housing Schemes. 6.1 Ground improvement technique to mitigate liquefaction hazards for safe building construction.6.2 Ground improvement using granular pile anchor foundation (GPAF) system.6.3 Modified static and seismic design methodology of piled-raft foundation.6.4 Design and strengthening measures for building foundation systems in hilly regions.Dr. S.Ganesh KumarDr. Pradeep Kumar , Er. M Samanta Er. Koushik Pandit0917-0320

Science & Technology Intervention for Development of Safe and Sustainable Building Infrastructure in NE Region:

[ PI: Er. M. Samanta, Er. Soumitra Maiti ]

7.WP 1 : Sustainable Materials and Technologies1.1 : Architectural and Structural Engineering Interventions in Housing Stock of NE Regions1.2-1 : Development of wood plastic composite Bamboo Fiber and locally available material 1.2 -2 : Development of Building Components Using Locally Available Agro-Materials 1.3 : Development of portable energy efficient domestic waste water management system 1.4 : Foundation technology for NE 1.5 : Performance Enhancement of Integral Collector-Storage (ICS) Passive SystemsEr. Soumitra MaitiMs. Sayantani Dr. Hemlata, Er. Santha Kumar G.Dr. S. Ganesh Kumar, Dr. Chandan S. Meena,0118-1220
8.WP 2 : Disaster Assessment and Mitigation in NE HimalayasDr. DP Kanungo Dr. S. Sarkar Er. M. Samanta0118-1220
9.WP 3 : Societal Dissemination – Demonstration, Training & Skill Development for the NE RegionDr. R. Dharmaraju Ar. S.K. Negi0118-1220
10.Development of Innovative Hybrid Connections for Pre-Cast Concrete ConstructionDr. S.R. KaradeDr. R. Siva Chidambaram1117-1020
11.Prefabricated Ferro cement Sandwich Panel based Housing SystemEr. S.K. SinghEr. Subash C.B. Gurram Er. Surya M.1017-0320
12.Studies on consolidation and deformation characteristics of stone columns with and without geo-synthetic encasement in soft clayDr. S.Ganesh KumarEr. M Samanta0716-0618


Conservation and Restoration of Heritage Structure:

[ PI: Dr. A.K. Mittal ]

13.WP 1: Classification, Analysis and Restoration Technologies1.1.: Classification of important heritage structures and extracting superior features of Indian traditional knowledge of building science 1.2.: Development of novel and simplified analysis procedure for the structural systems 1.3.: Effect of Construction Activities adjacent to Heritage Structures and Remedial Measures for Strengthening of Foundations for Heritage Structures 1.4.: Development of innovative structural restoration and retrofitting strategies for the heritage structures 1.5.: Structural analysis of heritage buildings pre and post retrofittingMs. Hina GuptaEr. Debdutta Ghosh Ms. Aswathy M.S. Er. Siddharth Behera0917-0320
14.WP 2 : Non Destructive Evaluation2.1 Development of hybrid non-destructive techniques and signal processing algorithms for multi-wave imaging. 2.2. In-accessible foundation studies of Cultural Heritage sites using non-invasive techniquesEr. Debdutta GhoshDr. P.K.S. Chauhan Ms. Hina Gupta0917-0320
15.WP 3 : Material Development3.1: Conservation and restoration of lime mortars and brickworks 3.2: Development of compatible repair materials for stone masonry in heritage structures 3.3.: Identification of fungi on select heritage structure and development of suitable anti-fungal chemical from medicinal plantsDr. L.P. SinghDr. Rajni Lakhani Dr. Rajesh K. Verma0917-0320


16.Pilot scale preparation of silica nanoparticles and their applications in cement based materialsDr. L.P. SinghEr. Srinivasarao Naik B1017-0919
17.Process technology development of geopolymer concrete with varying classes of fly ash for use in precast building componentsEr. Md. Reyazur RahmanEr. Rakesh Paswan1017-0920
18.Recyclability of marble waste in concrete production and other building products. Dr. Rajni LakhaniEr. Rajesh Kumar0917-0820
19.Development of self compacting recycled aggregate concrete for precast building components.Er. Monalisa BehraEr. Santha Kumar G Md. Reyazur Rahman1017-0919
20.Development of cost effective material for sound absorption with partial air purification properties.Er. SiddharthEr. S. Maiti1017-0919


21.Dissemination, Training, Demonstration of Improvement of Appropriate Rural Housing Technologies. Ar. S.K. NegiDr. R. Dharmaraju1016-0917
22.Efficient Solar thermal collectorEr. Nagesh B. BalamDr. Tabish Alam1017-0919


Safety of vital installations against natural and manmade Disasters:

[ PI: Dr. Suvir Singh, Dr. S. Sarkar ]

23.WP 1 : Design and Development of fire safety measures for vital installation1.1 : Experimental and Numerical simulation studies for hazard assessment in real fire scenarioDr. A. Aravind KumarDr. Rajiv Kumar0917-0320
24.WP 1 : Design and Development of fire safety measures for vital installation1.2 : Development of fire retardant/resistant materials for fire safety enhancementDr. Harpal Singh0917-0320
25.WP 1 : Design and Development of fire safety measures for vital installation1.3 : Development of fire retardant coating for interior materialsEr. A.A. Ansari 0917-0320
26.WP 1 : Design and Development of fire safety measures for vital installation1.4 : Analysis of reinforced concrete members exposed to fire and development of retrofit techniquesDr. Banti GedamDr. H.C. Arora Dr. Suvir Singh0917-0320
27.WP 2 :Design and development of structural systems and buildings for protection against progressive collapse: Manmade & Natural Hazards2.1 : Design against progressive collapse failure of structures - Impact and Blast loadsEr. M.M. DalbeheraDr. A.K. Mittal Er. S. Behera0917-0320
28.WP 2 :Design and development of structural systems and buildings for protection against progressive collapse: Manmade & Natural Hazards2.2 : Design against progressive collapse failure of structures - Earthquake and fire loadsEr. S. BeheraDr. A.K. Mittal Er. M.M. Dalbehera0917-0320
29.WP 3 : Safety of vital infrastructures against landslides (SOVIAL)Dr. Shantanu SarkarDr. D.P. Kanungo0917-0320


30.Development of Mobile Sensing Device for Complex Working Environment of Civil StructuresEr. Ravindra S. BishtDr. S.K. Panigrahi1017-0919