Project Coordinator: Dr N Gopalakrishnan

Nodal Officer: Dr Ajay Chourasia

Co-Nodal Officer: Dr Ashok Kumar


Task No.Project TitleProject Team
WP 1: Development of Materials for Mass Housing Structural Elements
Task 1.2Development of Bio-based construction material for sustainable mass housing


Dr. L.P. Singh

Task1.4Development of Cold-formed Steel (CFS) wall panels with improved structural performance & fire resistance


Dr. AK Mittal

WP 2:Performance Evaluation of Precast Panels and Framed Structural System
Task2.5Development of prefab RC shear wall systems and evaluation of their lateral load resistanceDr. Ajay Chourasia*, C.Shermi
Task2.6Development of efficient mechanical anchorage device for precast beam-column jointDr. Ajay Chourasia*, Ms.C.Shermi, Dr.S.K.Panigrihi
Task2.7Comparative evaluation of performance of various precast panel and frame systems developed by various research groups and selection ofthe best performing one for specified functionalityC. Shermi C*
Task2.8Standardization of designs & layouts of prefab housing units with improved thermal performanceDr.Shailza*, Ms Sayantani Lala, Sh. Chandnan Swaroop Meena
Task2.9Development of dry-construction technology in buildingsDr.Kishor Kulkarni*, Ms Sayantani Lala, Dr.Tabish Alam
WP 3 :Reducing Resource Use in Housing Construction
Task3.1Recycling of agricultural/industrial/solid wastes for building infrastructuresDr.A.K. Minocha*, Soumitra Maiti, Monalisa* B, Santh Kumar, N.Jain
Task3.2Eco-friendly corrosion inhibition to improve concrete durability

Dr. S.R. Karade*,


Task3.3Protective coating for improved energy efficiency in buildingsDr.P.C.Thapliyal*, Dr. S.R. Karade
Task3.4Development of anti-termite barrier for mass housingDr.B.S. Rawat*, Dr. Ashok Kumar
WP 4: Mechanization in the Housing Construction Sector
Task4.1Mechanization in construction process of Pre-fabricated building components for mass housingRavindra Singh Bisht*, S.K.Panigrahi, SojuJ. Alexander,  Ajay Chourasia, NarendraKuma,Sameer
Task4.2Mechanization in production of prefabricated building components and wall plastering for of mass housingS.K.Panigrahi*, R. Singh Bisht SojuJ. Alexander,Ajay Chourasia, Narendra Kumar, Sameer
WP 5 :Disaster Resiliency in Housing Project
Task5.1Design interventions for enhancement of robustness in traditional construction

Mr. S.K Negi*,Ms Swati Kulashri, Dr.Dharmaraju,

Dr. Ajay  Chourasia,

Mr.Ashish Pippal

Task5.2Design of confined masonry construction using different types units (concrete masonry block, ACC block).Dr. Ajay Chourasia*
Task5.3Improvement in CSIR-CBRI developed pre-fab technologies

Mr. S.K Negi*, Mr.Ashish Pippal*, Dr. Ajay Chourasia

Ms. Swati

Task5.4Design of fire safety and evacuation strategy for buildingsDr.Shorab Jain*
WP 6 :Geotechnical Solutions for Mass Housing Schemes
Task6.1Ground improvement technique to mitigate liquefaction hazards for safe building constructionDr. S. Ganesh*
Task6.2Ground improvement using granular pile anchor foundation (GPAF) systemDr.Pradeep Kumar*, Mr.K. Pandit
Task6.3Development of modified static and seismic design methodology of piled-raft foundation

M Samanta*, S Ganesh,

K Pandit, D. Kumar, Z. Ahmed, A. Dwivedi

Task6.4Design and strengthening measures for building foundation systems in hilly regionsKoushik Pandit*, Dr.Shantanu Sarkar, M. Samanta, Dr. Ganesh, A. Dwivedi, B. Bisht, Z. Ahmed

WP 10: Dissemination, promotion and extension of interventions for mass housing schemes

developed (Combined contribution from all participating laboratories, coordinated by CSIR-CBRIand CSIR-SERC)

Task10.1 Formulation of guidelines for constructing mass housing including the cost analysisDr. N. Gopalakrishnan
Task10.2 Organization of skill development programmesDr.Ajay Chourasia
Task10.3Demonstration of developed technology/know-how(s)Ms.Shermi C