Project Coordinator: Dr N Gopalakrishnan

Nodal Officer: Dr Ajay Chourasia

Co-Nodal Officer: Dr Ashok Kumar


Task No.Project TitleProject Team
WP 1: Development of Materials for Mass Housing Structural Elements
Task 1.2Development of Bio-based construction material for sustainable mass housingDr.  Leena Chaurasia, Dr. Neeraj Jain
Task 1.4Development of Cold-formed Steel (CFS) wall panels with improved structural performance & fire resistanceChanchal Sonkar, Dr. A. K. Mittal
WP 2: Performance Evaluation of Precast Panels and Framed Structural System
Task 2.5Development of prefab RC shear wall systems and evaluation of their lateral load resistanceDr. Ajay Chourasia, Dr. C.Shermi
Task 2.6Development of efficient mechanical anchorage device for precast beam-column jointDr. Ajay Chourasia, Dr. C.Shermi, Dr. S. K. Panigrahi
Task 2.7Comparative evaluation of performance of various precast panel and frame systems developed by various research groups and selection ofthe best performing one for specified functionalityDr. C. Shermi
Task 2.8Standardization of designs & layouts of prefab housing units with improved thermal performanceSayantani Lala, Chandan Swaroop Meena
Task 2.9Development of dry-construction technology in buildingsDr. Kishor Kulkarni, Sayantani Lala, Dr. Tabish Alam
WP 3: Reducing Resource Use in Housing Construction
Task 3.1Recycling of agricultural/industrial/solid wastes for building infrastructuresDr. A. K. Minocha, Soumitra Maiti, Monalisa B, Santha Kumar, Dr. Neeraj Jain
Task 3.2Eco-friendly corrosion inhibition to improve concrete durabilityDr. S. R. Karade, Dr. P. C. Thapliyal
Task 3.3Protective coating for improved energy efficiency in buildingsDr. P. C. Thapliyal, Dr. S. R. Karade
Task 3.4Development of anti-termite barrier for mass housingDr. B. S. Rawat, Dr. Ashok Kumar
WP 4: Mechanization in the Housing Construction Sector
Task 4.1Mechanization in construction process of Pre-fabricated building components for mass housingR. S. Bisht, Dr. S. K. Panigrahi, Soju J. Alexander,  Dr. Ajay Chourasia, Narendra Kumar, Sameer
Task 4.2Mechanization in production of prefabricated building components and wall plastering for of mass housingDr. S. K. Panigrahi, R. S. Bisht, Soju J. Alexander, Dr. Ajay Chourasia, Narendra Kumar, Sameer
WP 5 :Disaster Resiliency in Housing Project
Task 5.1Design interventions for enhancement of robustness in traditional constructionS.K Negi, Dr. R. Dharmaraju, Dr. Ajay  Chourasia, Ashish Pippal
Task 5.2Design of confined masonry construction using different types units (concrete masonry block, ACC block)Dr. Ajay Chourasia
Task 5.3Improvement in CSIR-CBRI developed pre-fab technologiesS. K  Negi, Ashish Pippal, Dr. Ajay Chourasia
Task 5.4Design of fire safety and evacuation strategy for buildingsDr. Shorab Jain
WP 6: Geotechnical Solutions for Mass Housing Schemes
Task 6.1Ground improvement technique to mitigate liquefaction hazards for safe building constructionDr. S. Ganesh
Task 6.2Ground improvement using granular pile anchor foundation (GPAF) systemDr. Pradeep Kumar, K. Pandit
Task 6.3Development of modified static and seismic design methodology of piled-raft foundationM Samanta, S Ganesh, K Pandit, D. Kumar, Z. Ahmed, A. Dwivedi
Task 6.4Design and strengthening measures for building foundation systems in hilly regionsKoushik Pandit, Dr. S. Sarkar, M. Samanta, Dr. S. Ganesh, A. Dwivedi, B. Bisht, Z. Ahmed

WP 10: Dissemination, promotion and extension of interventions for mass housing schemes developed (Combined contribution from all participating laboratories, coordinated by CSIR-CBRI and CSIR-SERC)

Task 10.1 Formulation of guidelines for constructing mass housing including the cost analysisDr. N. Gopalakrishnan
Task 10.2 Organization of skill development programmesDr. Ajay Chourasia
Task 10.3Demonstration of developed technology/know-how(s)Dr. C. Shermi