Nodal Officer: Dr Suvir Singh / Dr. S. Sarkar

VERTICAL 1: Safety of Vital Installations against Landslides

PI / Co-PI: Dr. S. Sarkar / Dr. D. P. Kanungo
Task Leaders: M Samanta, Dr. A Pain, Dr. S Ganesh Kumar, K PanditTeam Members: A Dwivedi, Z Ahmed


Design and development of efficient slope stabilization measures and instrumentation to mitigate landslide hazards in Uttarkashi- Bhatwari region of Uttarakhand Himalayan region for the safety of vital infrastructures


  • Landslide hazard & risk map along Uttarkashi-Bhatwari-Gangnani Road
  • Instrumentation techniques for landslide warning
  • Integrated landslide control measures for the safety of infrastructures (highway/building) and implementation strategy for a selected landslide
VERTICAL 6: Design and development of fire safety measures for vital installation
Task 1Development of fire retardant coating for interior materials
Task 2Experimental and Numerical simulation studies for hazard assessment in real fire scenario
 Task 3Development of fire retardant/resistant materials to enhance fire safety
 Task 4Analysis of reinforced concrete members exposed to fire and development of retrofit techniques
 Task 5Design and development of Active fire protection system for vital installations
 Task 6Design against progressive collapse failure of structures – Impact Blast, Earthquake and Fire Loads