Task 1.2: Development of bio-based construction material for sustainable mass housing

Task Leader(s): Dr. Leena Chaurasia, Dr.L.P.Singh


  • Micro structural, mineralogical and durability aspect of bio-based (ureolytic and non-ureolytic bacteria based) construction materials
  • To develop bio-based construction  material for enhanced durability of RC elements in mass housing.

Description of Task

Based on literature review, bio-based (ureolytic and non-ureolytic bacteria) will be characterized for their application in development of concrete. Detailed investigations will be taken up to evaluate the micro-structural, mineralogical and durability of these bio-based construction material and bio-bricks will be developed. The application of these bio-based material in development of bio-based admixtures as self-healing material in building construction will be explored.


  • Bio-brick using desert sand
  • Bio-based admixture- self-healing material in building construction