Task 2.8: Standardization of designs & layouts of prefab housing units with improved thermal performance

Task Leader(s): Ms.Sayantani Lala and Sh. Chandnan Swaroop Meena


  • Develop standardized type designs of houses with basic attributes such as space efficiency, climate responsiveness, thermal comfort, energy efficient etc.

Description of Task:

India’s architecture is varied in its use of materials, style of construction, cultural difference and most importantly climatic variation. A great deal of research is required to give a compressive housing solutions which are not only affordable but also safe against disasters, energy-efficient, comfortable, suiting to the socio-cultural need of people living in different geo-climatic regions. These aspects are also need to be looked from cost-effectiveness by judicious utilization of materials and innovative technologies in Indian scenario.

To achieve the target of affordable mass housing using prefab construction with enhanced thermal performance, cost effective solutions needs to be identified. Hence, the focus is to develop standardized designs and layouts for affordable housing for each climatic zone of India with prefab housing components having high thermal efficiency. The project focuses on –

Development of typed designs for mass housing with basic attributes such as:  (a) Space efficiency; (b) Climate responsiveness; (c) Disaster resilience; (d) Energy efficient; (e) Thermally comfortable; (f) Rainwater harvesting and water conservation  technologies; and  (f) Cost effective.

Evaluation of thermal properties of the prefabricated components (walls, roof) and to identify the key predictors affecting the indoor comfort conditions.

Monitoring the overall performance of demonstration model in each climatic zone..


  • Standardized Designs & Layouts for 28 sqm. to 56 sqm housing unit using prefabricated components for different climatic zone
  • Prefab components (i.e. walls, roof) with enhanced thermal and radio frequency performance for cold and hot & dry climatic zones of India.
  • Thermally efficient prefab housing assembly for each climatic zone of the country.