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Building Research Notes

BRN No.Title
1Integrated environmental design - office buildings (hot and dry climates), Revised 2004..
2Characterization polymers, Reprinted.
3Use of rice husk as fuel in Bull’s trench kiln, Revised 1986.
4Precast R.C. plank flooring/roofing scheme, Revised 2004.
5Thin R.C. ribbed slab for floors and roofs, Revised 1995.
6Hand molding table for building bricks, Revised 1995.
7Precast stone masonry block walling scheme,  Revised 2004.
9Utilization of by-product phosphogypsum for building material.
10Automatic fire sprinklers (fusible element type).
11Economical door and window fixtures for frameless shutters for rural houses, Revised 2004.
12Non-erodable mud plaster on mud wall for rural houses,  Revised 2004.
14Gypsum as building material, Revised 2004.
17Thermal design of building - influence of design parameters, Revised 2004.
18Material constants in building works, Reprinted 1995.
20Flush doors, Reprinted 2004.
21Cement paints, Reprinted 1995.
23Solar water heater-domestic type, 1984.
24Distempers, Reprinted 1986.
25Efflorescence in brickwork, Reprinted 1995.
26Fenestration for day lighting of side lit room: a simplified approach, Reprinted 1986.
28Waste water disposal system for rural areas. Revised 2004.
30Thin precast R.C.C. lintels in brick walls, Revised 1995.
33Noise and its control, Revised 2004.
34Low cost sanitation for rural & urban houses, Revised 2004.
35Design for day lighting, Revised 1995.
36Improved method of brick laying. Revised 1992.
37Improved method of making durable and fire retardant thatch roof.
38Wood wool board, Reprinted 1995.
39Import substitution of asbestos, Revised 1985.
40Zone wise economic specifications for building construction, Revised 1994.
41Wood Seasoning, Revised 2004.
44Manpower and material requirements for office Buildings, Revised 1985.
46Improved calcination of gypsum through mechanized pan system.
48Autoclaved cellular concrete, Revised 1986.
50Termite control in buildings, Revised 2004.
51Chimney design for domestic kitchens,  Revised 2004..
52Channel Unit for Floor/Roof, Revised 1994.
53The reflected component of daylight in the design of fenestration, Revised 1986.
54Water-proofing of flat in situ R.C.C. roofs, Revised 1994.
56Apron - A remedial measure for cracked buildings in expansive soils, Reprinted 1987.
58Small capacity grain storage bins for rural areas, 1987.
60Thermal insulation at low temperature, Revised 1987.
61L-Pan Roofing, Revised 2004.
62Window design for natural ventilation in tropics, Revised 1987.
63Sub soil deformeter for soil exploration, Revised, 1987.
64Prefabricated floor/roof using structural clay units (Joist and infill scheme), Revised 1988.
65Single stack system of building drainage, Reprinted 1995.
66Mangalore pattern clay roofing tiles from alluvial, red and black soils, Reprinted 1988.
67Production of cement clinker using fly ash, Reprinted 1988.
70Concrete block making machine, Reprinted 1994.
71Solar timber seasoning kiln.
73Anthropometric data for design of school furniture and fittings.
74Fire propagation index of lining materials.
75Precautions during termite control measures in buildings, Revised 2004.
76Smoke generation by lining materials.
77Clay flooring and terracing tiles from alluvial red and black soil.
78Non-combustibility of materials.
79Prefab brick panel system for roofing/flooring, Revised 2004.
80Assessment of solar radiation on buildings.
81Data bank on sound absorbing materials.
82Acoustical designing of multipurpose halls.
83Design guidelines for accessible buildings for the physically handicapped.
85Doubly curved tile roof.
86Loose fill materials for cold storage Insulation.
87Acoustical design of partitions for open plan spaces.
88Thermal performance of wall and roof sections.
90Data bank on thermal insulating materials, 2011
91Quality assurance plan (Civil work)
92Quality assurance plan (Services)
93Quality assurance plan (Road Work)

Single Sheet R&D project Profiles (PP)

PP No.Title
1Aerated concrete from lime and flyash.
2Automatic free fall SPT hammer.
3Beneficiation of phosphogypsum.
4Bored compaction pile foundation.
5Boring and skirting machine.
6Brick Extrusion Machine.
7Burnt clay-flyash bricks.
8CBRI high draught brick kiln.
9Cbrick Machine.
10Cement paint-new formulation.
11Clay tiles.
12Coir-CNSL board technology.
13Concrete block maker.
14Concrete block making machine.
15De-Airing brick making machine.
16Energy efficient gypsum calcinator.
17Epoxy phenolic IP Net-RB coating for steel reinforcement in RCC.
18Epoxy-phenolic IPN coating for concrete and steel structures.
19EPS composites and door shutters.
20Fibrous gypsum plaster boards.
21Flooring tiles from waste gypsum.
22Hand moulding table for building bricks.
23Heavy duty brick extrusion machine.
24Improved kiln for burning of limestone.
25Lime hydrating machine.
26Mini climbing crane.
27Modified european water closet bowl and low volume flushing cistern.
28Pollution control system for lime kilns.
31Power trowel.
32Precast R.C. channel unit floor / roof.
33Precast R.C. plank and joist scheme for floors and roofs.
34Precast R.C. Waffle Unit Floor / Roof.
35Production of solid prestressed concrete poles employing direct electric curing.
36Rigid PVC foam board technology (Pilot Scale Level).
37Roof surface evaporative cooling of buildings.
38Sand-lime bricks.
39Semi-automatic cutting table for extruded clay products.
40Silicate based waterproofing formulation (for use on cement plaster and concrete surfaces).
41Sintered flyash lightweight aggregates.
42Skirted granular pile foundation.
43Solar water heater.
44Spliced pile technology.
45Tamping machine for lime concrete terracing.
46Unreinforced pyamidal brick roofs.
47Waterproofing treatment for exposed masonry and lime concrete surfaces

Infrastructure & Testing Facilities

Infra-1Application of X-Ray diffraction technique in building science
Infra-2Analytical instrumentation in material research

Brochures BRO

BR No.Title
1सी एस आई आर - सी बी आर आई: एक झलक्
2CSIR-CBRI At a Glance
3Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.
4Clay fly ash bricks
5Calcium silicate bricks
6Electric curing of pre stressed concrete poles
7Flyash Utilisation and Disposal.
8Software capability on slope stability analysis
9सुलभ शौचालय्

Group Brochures (GBR)

GBR No.Title
1Architecture & Planning ( A&P)
2Acoustics, Instrumentation & Mechanical Systems (AIMS)
3Efficiency of Buildings (EB).
4Environmental Science & Technology (EST).
5Fire Engineering (FR).
6Geotechnical Engineering (GE).
7Housing and Planning (H&P).
8Knowledge Resource Centre (Library)
9Organic Building Materials (OBM)
10Polymer, Plastic & Composite (PPC)
11Structural Engineering (SE)

हिन्दी प्रकाशन

विधि संग्रह्29 - कमजोर तथा भराव वाली भुमि मे सस्ते भवन निर्माण के लिये पेडस्टल पाइप
भवन अनुसन्धान लेख15 - नवनिर्मित भवनो का अधिग्रहन से पूर्व निरिक्षण्

16 - एप्रन-फुलनें वाली मिट्टियों भवन की दरारों के उपचार की एक विधि

19 - ग्रमीण भवन एवं पर्यावरण के क्षेत्र में केन्द्रीय भवन अनुसन्धान संस्थान, रूड़की का योगदान

84 - मात्रिक ईंट

89 - भवनों में दीमक नियन्त्रण हेतु आवष्यक उपाय

Priced Publications

Serial no.TitlePriceAvailable At
1Live Better with Mud and Thatch Improved Rural Houses.Rs. 40/-Director, CBRI, Roorkee
2Corrosion of Building Material in Fertilizer & Chemical Industries, Workshop Proceedings. Rs. 50/-       Director, CBRI, Roorkee
3Building Economics & Productivity Handbook                    Rs. 200/-       Director, CBRI, Roorkee
4Proceedings of National Conference on “Emerging trends of Energy Conservation in Buildings” (EECB), 2013                              Rs. 650/-                  Director, CBRI, Roorkee
5Building Materials & Components Technology for  Developing Countries, 1990Rs. 240/-     Director, CBRI, Roorkee
6Application Potential of Geo-synthetics in Civil Engineering, Workshop Proceedings, 1989Rs. 300/-     Director, CBRI, Roorkee
7School Building Design and Construction                          Rs. 270/-     Director, CBRI, Roorkee
8Natural Hazards in the Urban Habitat                                  Rs. 395/-Director, CBRI, Roorkee
9Asbestos and Associated Health Hazards, 1990, 66-Janpath, New Delhi - 110 001                       Rs. 60/- M/s Oxford & IBH Publishers
10Subsoil Deformeter                                                       Rs. 75/-   M/s Oxford & IBH Publishers