Date of Birth06.02.1959
Present DesignationChief Scientist & Coordinator
DivisionEnvironmental Science & Technology and Clay Product

Educational Attainments

Degree / DiplomaMain SubjectUniversity / InstitutionCountryYear of Passing
B.Sc.Chemistry, Zoology, BotonyMeerut UniversityIndia1979
M.Sc.ChemistryUniversity of RoorkeeIndia1981
Ph.D.ChemistryUniversity of RoorkeeIndia1985


(a) Main Area of SpecializationEnvironmental Chemistry
(b) Sub-area of SpecializationIndustrial Wastes Utilization

Countries visited in connection with higher studies, research training, employment and other scientific assignments:

Country visitedPurposeFromTo
Abendeen (UK)To avail BOYSCASTJan-93Jul-93
USAFor attending Inter-national Conference at NIST (USA)6-May-0912 May 2009
Publications and Patents
  • Current Publications (2009 onwards) :
  1. A.K.Minocha & Jaswinder Singh, Environmental Protection through fly ash utilization in construction Industry  Civil Engineering & Construction Industry Review Vol. 22, No. 2 pp44-51 (2009)
  2. Comparative performance evalution of fly ash bricks. Paper Presented at International seminar on Waste to Wealth  “ Green Building Materials and Construction Technologies using Agrricultural and Industrial Wastes” Organised by Building Materials & Technologies Promotion Council New Delhi Nov. (2009)
  3. Select Building Materials process and Environmental Technologies Paper Presented at International seminar on Waste to Wealth  “ Green Building Materials and Construction Technologies using Agrricultural and Industrial Wastes” Organised by Building Materials & Technologies Promotion Council New Delhi Nov. (2009)
  • Publications previous to 2009:
  1. A.K.Minocha, Jaswinder Sinhg & Vivek Sood, Pollution control in Brick Kilns through Gravitational settling ,Chemical Engineering World  Vol.7, pp535-546  (2008)
  2. Amit Bhatnagar & A.K.Minocha, Conventional and Non-conventional adsorbents removal of pollutions from water-A review – Indian Journal of Chemical Technology – 13(3), pp 203-217 (2006).
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  11. Pankaj Kumar, V.K.Gupta & A.K.Minocha, Protoporphine IX dimethylester based PVC matrix membranes for  the fabrication of cobalt (II) ions. Electrochimica Acta. (Accepted) Dec. 2004
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  • Tech. Reports: 38 Nos.
  1. Infra-Red Characterization treated Phosphogypsum, A report submitted in the partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Postgraduate Diploma in S&T to BITS Pilani (1989).
  2. State of the Art Report on “Possible  Health  Hazards  from  Lime  Industry” (1989).
  3. Special  Investigations  on  fire  behaviour  of  Twiga  Insul  glasswool Insulation, Consultancy (Project Report  F(C)-071).
  4. Measurement  of  stack  emission  from  lime/brick  kilns  (Restricted  Report) 1991.
  5. Air  Pollution  Mitigations  system  for  small/medium  scale  lime  kilns, CSIR Thrust Area Project (A joint Project Report of CBRI & NEERI), November 1992.
  6. Fire  behaviour  of  plasopan  PVC  structural  elements,  Project Report  (94/C-117/Fire).
  7. Fire  behaviour  of  fixed door , (Project Report 4(C-118) Fire).
  8. Fire  behaviour of  timbron  profiles  and  panels, A Consultancy (Project Report 94/Conc./Fire).
  9. Development of National Emission Standards and Preparation of Comprehensive document for brick kilns. (Project Report CLP 203/93).
  10. Nondestructive testing of RCC Structures at `C’ power station at Sabarmati, Ahmedabad (Project Report B(S)003).
  11. Diagnosing soundness and suggestions for Rehabilitation structures in the 600 bedded ESI Hospital at Basaidarapur, (Project Report B(C)035 July, 1997).
  12. Design of Dust Settling Chamber for Existing Brick kiln and its pollution monitoring in Haryana (Project Report CNP 5418/CNP 2129).
  13. An evaluation of Factors affecting the solidification/stabilization of heavy metal sludge (Project Report OLP 0138).
  14. Reclamation of Abandoned Fly ash Ponds For Human Settlement (TIFAC, FLY ASH  MISSION  PROGRAMME) (Project Report SSP 1075).
  15. Health Monitoring and Assessment of 5000 tonnes Ammonia Storage tank foundation of chambal fertilizers and chemical limited, Kota (Project Report SSP-3126).
  16. An Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Solidification/Stabilization of Heavy Metal Sludge (Project Report – OLP 0138).
  17. Development of rational design, methodology of up flow anaerobic filter for treating domestic septic tank effluent (Project Report OLP 0183).
  18. Assessment of Structural and Strengthing/Remedial measures of distress building E21, Indian Ordnance Factory Dehradun (Project Report CNP 2571).
  19. Cement Based Stabilization of Toxic Waste (Project Report GAP 3036).
  20. Evaluation of Fly ash sample for developing Certified Reference Material (Project Report CNP 3049/3059).
  21. Vibration Monitoring Studies for Central Control Room at BPCL Mumbai (Project Report CNP 5030).
  22. Study and Assessment of bearing capacity of contaminated foundation soil and suggestion on remedial in caustic prone area in Hindalco, Renukot (Project Report CNP 1119).
  23. Investigation of Distress in building of ISBT, Kashmere gate Delhi (Project Report CNP 3012).
  24. Environmental Studies of Ash Ponds area of thermal power plants (Project Report MLP 0003).
  25. Development of Indian Reference Materials (Project Report GAP 2618).
  26. Design of fixed Chimney for brick kiln of capacity 20-25 thousand bricks per day in Saharanpur area. (Project Report CNP 1669).
  27. Review of Environmental Statement submitted by Cement Plants (Project Report CNP 2640).
  28. Comprehensive Industry documents on Hot Mix Plants (Project Report CNP 2639).
  29. Pollution Monitoring Studies of Brick kilns constructed with dust settling chamber in Haryana (Project Report CNP 2641).
  30. Pollution Monitoring Studies of brick kilns constructed with dust settling chamber (Project Report CNP 2621).
  31. Implementation of CBRI Designed Gravitational Settling Chamber (Project Report 4841).
  32. Design & Construction of Brick kiln cum Demonstration units for KVIC Mumbai (Project Report SSP 1639).
  33. Improved Pollution Control Technology for KVIC Lime Kiln (Project Report SSP 2649).
  • Scientific Books / Book Chapters: 01 No.
  • Articles: 02 No.
  • Patents filed / granted: 02 No.
  • Processes Developed: 01 No.
  • Process Under Utilization: 01 No.


Awards and Distinctions (including fellowships of the learned societies):

Name of AwardAwarded byAwarded forYear
Higher Level Diploma in Science and TechnologyBirla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (Rajasthan)P.G.Diploma in S&T1990
2nd prize in All India Essay CompetitionKendriya Sachivalaya Hindi ParishadResearch Paper: Bhawan amagri Udyogon Se Pradushan Aur Uski  Roktham (in Hindi)1992
Certificate of MeritAir Pollution Hazards from Brick    KilnsResearch Paper: Air Pollution Hazards from Brick  Kilns1993-94
BOYSCOST awardDepartment of Science and Technology, New DelhiPost-doctoral Fellowship1993
Rekha Nandi & Bhupesh Nandi award and Certificate of MeritInstitution of EngineersResearch Paper: Air Pollution Hazards from brick kilns1993-94
3rd prize at National Symposium on Management of Radioactive and Toxic waste SMART-95BARC BombayResearch Paper: Effect of adsorbents on  The leachability of toxic waste in cement based system1995
Appreciation certificateDirector, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute NEERI), NagpurResearch Paper: "Et Udyogo ka Prayavaran Prabhav Aur Jokhim"1995
A cash prize of Rs.1500/= by Children Book TrustNehru House, New DelhiResearch Paper: "Bharat Ki Mahan Sansthaya (C.S.I.R.)1995
Merit promotionNext higher scale(CBRI) CSIR New Delhi1996
Technology on Pollution Control in Brick KilnsNational NRDC Invention Award“Technology on Pollution Control in Brick Kilns ”2001
CBRI Foundation Day AwardDirector, CBRI“Gravitational settling Chamber for Pollution Control in Brick Kilns”2002
Dubai International AwardBest Practices Pollution Control in Brick Kilns through Gravitational Setting ChamberDevelopment of GSC for Brick Kilns2002
Merit promotionNext higher scale(CBRI) CSIR New Delhi2004
Dr. R.B. Hajela AwardDirector, CBRIInstitute for the best paper in Building Materials2005
Directors Diamond Jublee AwardDirector, CBRIPollution Control in Brick Kilns constructed with in  Built Gravitational Settling Chamber2009
Professional Experience:

(a) Environmental: 20 years experience of monitoring and analysis of different air pollutants & successfully used the following equipments. Stack Monitor, High Volume Sampler, Velometer, Portable CO, CO2 analyser, Particle size analyser, Wind motor etc.

(b) Analytical: Experience of Physico-chemical analysis of building materials such as Cement, Lime, Gypsum, Fly ash, Soil, Water, Waste water and Environmental studies.

(c) Instrumental: Successfully used the following analytical instruments: Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Inductively coupled plasma spectrophotometer, UV/Visible spectrophotometer, Infrared spectrophotometer, Selective Ion analysers etc.

Any other:
  • Environmental Pollution abatement from Building Materials Industries.
  • Characterization and quantification of pollutant/ contaminants in air, water etc. by use of analytical instruments.
  • Project execution activities such as planning, selection of monitoring locations and collection of primary and secondary data.
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for proposed & expansion projects of process industries & infra structure projects as new townships, settlement colonies, commercial complexes and office complexes.
  • Hazardous and Solid Waste Management.
  • Water quality monitoring, water supply and Resource management.