Date of Birth15-01-1961
Present DesignationPrincipal Scientist
DivisionGeotechnical Engineering

Educational Attainments

Degree / DiplomaMain SubjectUniversity/Institution with DistinctionCountryYear of Passing
B.E.Civil EngineeringR.E.C Srinagar (Now NIT)India1984
M.E.Geotechnical EngineeringUniversity of RoorkeeIndia1986
Ph.D.Geotechnical EngineeringIIT RoorkeeIndia2002


a) Main Area of SpecializationGeotechnical Engineering
b) Sub-area of SpecializationPile Foundations / Ground Improvement

Countries visited in connection with higher studies, research training, employment and other scientific assignments:

Country visitedPurposeFromTo
GermanyDAAD Fellowship (Long Term) -16 Months Awarded by Govt of GermanyJun-91Sept. 1992
NorwayMember of Indian Delegation (4 Member) visited International Centre for Geohazards (NGI Norway) & Delegate to International Conf. ICFL Trondeim , Amden, OsloSept. 5, 2005Sept. 12, 2005
Publications and Patents
  • Current Publications (2009 onwards) :
  1. Enforcement of Green Concept For Sustainable Development, by Prabhat Kumar & Pradeep Kumar, IBC Seminar on “Sustainable Development & Environment ConcernsMay, 2010 , Delhi (India) (Full Length Paper sent )
  2. International Conference on Materials, Mechanics &  Management (IMMM 2010),” Building Construction on Soils Susceptible to Liquefaction and Uplift “ by Pradeep Kumar & Prabhat Kumar, University of Trivandrum, 14-16th Jan 2010
  • Publications previous to 2009:
  1. Conference on Landslide Management – Present Scenario and Future Directions (2008) – “Slope Stability Problem in Frozen Soil and its Solution”, B Ganjoo & Pradeep Kumar, Golden Jubilee Celebrations of CBRI, 10-12th Feb 2008, CBRI Roorkee
  2. National Conference on Foundations and Retaining Structures (NCFRS 2007) – “Granular Anchor Pile (GAP) System For Resistance of Tensile Forces – A Field Study” by Pradeep Kumar, 23- 24th May 2007
  3. Indian Geotechnical (IGC) 2005 – “Measured and Predicted Displacements of Granular Pile Anchors (GPA)” B.Vidyaranya, M.R.Madhav and Pradeep Kumar, Dec 2005, Nirma University, Ahmdabad
  4. International Conference on Geosynthetics and Geoenvironmental Engineering (ICGGE 2004), Granular Pile System for Strengthening of Weak Soil Deposits”, by Pradeep Kumar, Gopal Ranjan & Swami Saran; Proc. of International Conf. ; Theme 5: Ground Improvement, Organised by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai (India), Dec 8-10th 2004, pp 217-222.
  5. Indian Geotechnical Conference (IGC) 2003, “Granular Anchor Pile System for resistance of Uplift Forces”, by Pradeep Kumar, G. Ranjan & Swami Saran, Proc. of Indian Geotechnical Conference, Dec. 2003, Roorkee.
  6. National Symposium on Role of Earth Sciences in Integrated Development & Related Social Issues (2001),DelhiStrong Motion Accelerograph (DSMA) Network : A National Facility – Pandey,Y., Dharmaraju.R, Chauhan.,PKS, Srivastava, SK andKumar, Pradeep (2001), November 1-3 , 2001, Geological Survey of India, Lucknow (India).
  7. International Journal of Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society, (2000) -“Behaviour of Granular Piles under Compressive and Tensile Loads”, by G. Ranjan & Pradeep Kumar, Geotechnical Engineering Journal, Published by Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society AIT Bangkok, Thailand, Vol.31, No.3 (pp-209), Dec. 2000.
  8. All India Seminar on Advances in Ground Improvement Techniques, AGIT (2000), “Foundation for Improvement of Weak Ground” by Pradeep Kumar & M.P. Jain, Proc. of Seminar of AGIT 2000, pp-235, Kurukshetra, India, Sept.2000
  9. All India Seminar on Lessons for Architects & Engineers from recent Indian Earthquakes, LESSQUAKES, (2000),”Is Natural Disaster Impact Mitigation Feasible in India ? “- by Prabhat Kumar & Pradeep Kumar. Organized by Institution of Engineers, Roorkee, Jan.2000
  10. International Conference on Offshore and Nearshore Geotechnical Engineering, GEOSHORE (1999)-“Granular Pile System for Uplifting Loads- A Case Study” by Pradeep Kumar & G. Ranjan. Bombay, Organised by NGI (Norwey) & IEOT, ONGC, Bombay, India, Dec.1999.
  11. 12th African Regional Conference, ARC (1999)-“Fly Ash Disposal Problems, Use of Geotextiles as Filter material for Ash Ponds – A Model Study” by Reddy E S, Shastri K. R. & Pradeep Kumar, Proc. of African Regional Conference, (Rivonia, South Africa), Oct.1999.
  12. Seminar on Design & Construction of Pile Foundations in Marine Clay (1999),” Laterally loaded Piles in Marine Clay” by Ramakrishna V. V.G.S.T., Prakash, C., Dey, B. & Pradeep Kumar., Organised by CE -Navy, Kochi, India, (2-3 Feb. 1999)
  13. 14th National Convention of Civil Engineers (CID-98) -“Comparative study of Silica  Fume and Rice Husk Ash Concretes” by Rao M.V.S, Reddy E.S & Pradeep Kumar,  Proc. pp-227, Organized by Institution of Engineers Roorkee, Roorkee, India, Dec.1998
  14. Indian Geotechnical Conference, IGC-97-“AGP System for Pullout Loads- A Field Study” by Pradeep Kumar & G. Ranjan, Vol. I, pp 5-27/349, Indian Geotechnical Conference, Vadodara, India, Dec, 1997.
  15. International Conference on Disasters and Mitigation, INCODIM (1996) -” Robust Foundation System for Uplifting Loads”- by P. Kumar & Pradeep Kumar, Organized by IDNDR & Anna University, Proc. of Conf., Vol. B (pp-B.1.74), Anna University, Madras (India) Jan.1996.
  16. “TERZAGHI – 96”- Birth Anniversary Celebrations of the Father of Soil Mechanics,  (1996) “Geotechnical Investigations of an Underground Hydel Power House, Ropar (Punjab)” by Sinha U N, Bhargava, S.N, Pradeep Kumar, Jain S.K. Proc.pp-51, Organized by Indian Geotechnical Society, Hyderabad-Chapter, Hyderabad , (Oct.1996).
  • Tech. Reports: Project Completion Report of Inhouse R & D Project (OLP 0317) – March 2010
  • Scientific Books / Book Chapters: NIL
  • Articles: NIL
  • Patents filed / granted: 01 No.
  1. Patent No.184099 – An improved process for the preparation of granular pile for reinforcement of week soils and for the providing firm settlement free foundation (Year 2000)
  • Processes Developed: NIL
  • Process Under Utilization: NIL

Awards and Distinctions (including fellowships of the learned societies):.

Name of AwardAwarded byAwarded forYear
FIEInstitution of EngineersAchievements in Academics & Research2003
Ph.D.IIT RoorkeeDoctoral Research2002
DAAD FellowshipGovt. of GermanyBilateral Research Programme1991-92
Professional Experience:
Scientist – having knowledge on problems related to Foundation Engg., Landslide & Earthquakes (Only Geotechnical Part)
Any other:
Contributing in different Organisational Capacities as:

  • Honorary Secretary, Indian Geotechnical Society (Roorkee) since 2005
  • Organising Secretary, National Conference on Foundations of Earth Retaining Structures (NCFRS) 2007, IIT Roorkee
  • Member,  Executive Committee , IIT Roorkee Alumni Association since 2006
  • Jt. Secretary, IIT Roorkee Alumni Association (Year 2009-10) – continuing