NameDr. Pradeep Kumar
Date of Birth15.01.1957
Present DesignationSr. Scientist
DivisionGeotechnical Engineering

Educational Attainments

Degree / DiplomaMain SubjectUniversity/Institution with DistinctionCountryYear of Passing
B.Sc.Geology, Chemistry, BotanyGarhwal UniversityIndia1978
M.Sc.GeologyGarhwal UniversityIndia1980
Ph.D.GeologyGarhwal UniversityIndia1987


a) Main Area of SpecializationEngineering Geology, Petrology
b) Sub-area of SpecializationLandslide hazard assessment, Slope Instability, Structural Geology, Petrology

Countries visited in connection with higher studies, research training, employment and other scientific assignments:

Country visitedPurposeFromTo
Publications and Patents
  • Current Publications (2009 onwards):
  • Publications previous to 2009:
  1. Virdi, N.S. and Kumar Pradeep, ‘’0n the occurrence of significance of the staurolite  schist in the Central Crystallines in the Dhauliganga valley, Distt. Chamoli, Higher  Garhwal Himalaya, U.P, India’’ Proc. IV Indian Geological Congress, Banaras Hindu  University, Varanasi, Nov. 1982, pp 95-96.
  2. Virdi, N.S. and Kumar Pradeep, ‘’ Metamorphic history of the Central Crystallines in the Dhauliganga valley, Distt. Chamoli, Higher Garhwal Himalaya, U.P, India, Himalayan  Geology Seminar, Centre of advanced Studies in Geology, Punjab University,  Chandigarh, March 1983, pp 19-20.
  3. Kumar Pradeep and Virdi, N.S. “Exploring on economics of Hot springs along the  Dhauli in Garhwal Himalayas, Studies in Ecodevelopment, Himalayas, Mountains and  Men’’ ‘Edited By Dr. Tejveer Singh and Jagdeesh Kaur, Published by Print House  (India). Lucknow, 1983, pp 321-331.
  4. Kumar Pradeep and Virdi, N.S. ‘’ A Contibution to the Geology and structure of the  Central Crystallines in the Dhauliganga Valley, Distt. Chamoli Higher Garhwal  Himalaya, U.P, India’’ Current Trends in geology, Vol. 7, Today and Tomorrow Printers  and Publishers, New Delhi, 1985, pp 197-209.
  5. Kumar Pradeep and Sinha U.N. Influence of structural discontinuity, petrographic  features and geotechnical parameters on instability of Kaliasaur landslide, Garhwal  Himalaya’’ Symposium on recent advances in geological studies of Northwest Himalaya  and the fore deep, organized by Geological survey of India, northwest region, Lucknow,  1995, Feb 21-23.
  6. Sinha, U.N., Karthigeyan, S., Bhargava, S.N., Sharma, A.K., Kumar Pradeep and  Ghosh, A, “ Flyash as sustainable geomaterial for construction of an embankment‘’  Proc. International conference (CENSUSTAD-97) UOR Roorkee, 1997, pp 567-577.
  7. Sinha, U.N., Karthigeyan, S, Bhargava, S.N., Sharma, A.K.,Kumar Pradeep,’’Suitability  of Flyash mixed with red mud for construction of ash pond embankment‘’ Proc.  Workshop on utilization of Flyash, ‘’ 25 May UOR Roorkee,1998, pp 92-99.
  8. Sinha, U.N., Karthigeyan, S, Bhargava, S.N., Sharma, A.K., Kumar Pradeep and  Ghosh, A, ‘’ Bulk utilization of Flyash as geomaterial for construction of embankment’’  Proc. International conference on Flyash disposal and utilization, New Delhi, 20-22  Jan.,1998. pp 49-65.
  9. Kumar Pradeep and Sinha U.N., ‘’Landslide Hazard Zonation in Chamoli-Helong area,  Garhwal Himalaya, India’’ Proc. International Conference on Disaster Management,  Guwahati, Assam, India, 23-26 April, 1998, pp 428-443.
  10. Kumar Pradeep and Sinha U.N. Landslide Hazard Zonation in Joshimath- Jelam area, Garhwal Himalaya, India’’ Proc. Eight International Congress, Intern. Assoc. for  engineering geology and the environment, Vancouver, Canada, 21-25 Sept., 1998, pp 925-932.
  11. Sinha, U.N., Karthigeyan, S, Kumar Pradeep, Bhargava, S.N., Sharma, A.K. and  Sinha, A.K.,’’Influence of thickness and asperities of infilled material in discontinuous mass using direct shear box, Proc. Indian Geotechnical Conference, Calcutta’’ 17-19 Dec. 1999, pp 9-12.
  12. Kumar Pradeep and Sinha U.N. ,’’Geological and geoenvironmental assessment for  landslide hazard zonation mapping of Uttarkashi- Gangnani area, Garhwal Himalaya,  U.P., India’’ Abst. Proc. II International Conference on Landslide slope and safety of  Infrastructures, Singapore, 27-28 July. 1999.
  13. Sinha, U. N. Sharma, A.K. Bhargava, S.N, Karthigeyan, S. and Kumar Pradeep,‘’  Shear strength behaviour of overburden Material of open cast mines’’ Proc. IGC-2000,  13-15 Dec, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, 2000, pp 63-64.
  14. Sinha, U. N. Sharma, A. K., Bhargava, S.N., Karthigeyan, S, and Kumar Pradeep, ‘’Physico-mechanical characteristics of internal dump and contact mixtures of NCL  open cast mines for stability analysis’’ Proceed. of Indian rock conference Nov. 2002,  New Delhi, pp 335-345.
  15. Sinha, U. N. and Kumar Pradeep ‘’Control measures at Kaliasaur landslide, Garhwal  Himalaya, Uttaranchal, Proc. Workshop on recent trends in landslide assessment and monitoring’’ organized by Centre of studies in resource engineering, 17-19 Jan 2001,  IIT Bombay, Mumbai, pp 264-277
  16. Abha Mittal, Tanuja Shrivastava and Kumar Pradeep, ‘’ Attenuation relation for strong  motion data of Northeast region of India, Published in Proc. 12th Symposium on  earthquake engineering , IIT Roorkee, Dec, 2002, Vol. 1, 159-167.
  17. Abha Mittal and Kumar Pradeep ‘’Public Awareness for minimizing earthquake effects’’  Proc. Conference on Indian Habitat and Infrastructure, need for innovative approach,  Sept. 2003, organized at CBRI Roorkee.
  18. Kumar Pradeep ‘’Influence of gouge along structural discontinuity in rock mass with  reference to landslide and slope instability in Himalaya, 13th convention of Indian  Association of Sedimentologists, Nov. 2003, organized by Geology Deptt. H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar, Garhwal.
  19. Sinha, U.N. Sharma, A.K., Bhargava, S.N. Minocha, A.K. and Kumar Pradeep ‘’Effect  of Seepage of Caustic soda on foundation and remedial measures in alumina plant’’  Proc. Indian Geotechnical Conference, Dec. 2003, pp 229- 234.
  • Tech. Reports:
  1. Environmental development of Garhwal Himalaya with particular reference to Landslide hazard zonation and efficacy of innovative control measures. (Report submitted to CBRI Roorkee of work done as Pool officer, CSIR. 1990)
  2. Engineering Behaviour of joints, discontinuities, slip surfaces and shear zones with particular reference to landslides and hazard assessment (Project No. GE 116, R & D Project, Report submitted to CBRI, Roorkee, March 1993)
  3. Geotechnical parameters and geological studies of joints, discontinuities slip surfaces and shear zones with reference to landslide and hazard assessment (Project No. GAP- 1014, Sponsored Research Project, Report submitted to Indian Society for Rock Mechanics and tunneling Technology, Ministry of Water Resources, Jan. 2001).
  4. Geological, geotechnical investigation on Sher-Ka-Danda slide zone, Nainital (Project  No. GAP- 1069, Report Submitted to Deptt. of Science and Technology, New Delhi.,  June 2000).
  5. Handbook on site investigation for foundations (Project No. Cons./GE/301/93, Report  submitted to Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi)
  6. Design of earthen embankment for ash pond at Hindalco, Renukot (Project No. SSP- 1016, Report submitted to Hindalco Industries Limited, Renukot, Distt. Sonbhadra,U.P.,  June 1996)
  7. Soil investigation and analysis of bearing capacity of foundation soil of downstream  abutment at Ratmau aqueduct (Project No. CNP-1057, Report Submitted to  Superintending Engineer, Upper Ganga Canal, Modernisation Circle II (World Bank),  Roorkee, May 1998).
  8. Soil investigation and assessment of bearing capacity of foundation soil for residential  buildings at CGCRI, Khurja.(Project No. CNP-1017, Report Submitted to Director  CGCRI, Khurja, Sept, 1998).
  9. Physico-mechanical properties of dumped material and dump to base contact mixtures of Bina and Jayant open cast mines of NCL for slope stability analysis ( Project No.  CNP-1028, Report submitted to Director Technical, Central Mine Planning & Design  Institute (CMPDI), Ltd. Ranchi, Sept 1998).
  10. Soil Investigation, Georadar studies and testing and sampling of stones of Sun temple  Konark (Project No. CNP- 5018, Report Submitted to Project Director (Konark),  Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Sept, 1999.
  11. Evaluation of foundation design for 50-80m high microwave transmission towers – 5 volumes, (Project No. CNP-1079, Report Submitted to ESCOTEL mobile Communications Limited, New Delhi, March-2000).
  12. Study and assessment of bearing capacity of contaminated foundation soil and Suggestion on control measures in caustic soda prone area at alumina plant Hindalco, Renukot (Project No. CNP-1119, Report submitted to General Manager (Engineering), Hindalco Industries Limited, Renukot, June 2001).
  13. Foundation problems of Govt. Inter College building at Damdeval, Pauri Garhwal (U.P.)  (Project No. CNP- 1060, (Report Submitted to Executive Engineer, Construction  Division, Public works Department (PWD), Pauri Garhwal, August 2000).
  14. Attenuation relation of peak ground acceleration and velocities using data from strong  motion arrays in India, (Project No. OLP – 204 Report Submitted To CBRI, Roorkee,  March 2003).
  15. Identification of Chronic Landslide zones in parts of Uttaranchal Himalaya (Project No.  CNP-1058 Report submitted to PWD, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, March 2004)
  16. Microzonation of landslide Hazards in Uttaranchal Himalaya, (Project No. OLP -210  Report submitted to CBRI, Roorkee, March 2005)
  17. Seismic risk framework for microzonation in Uttaranchal Himalaya. (Project No. Report submitted to CBRI, Roorkee)
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  • Articles: NIL
  • Patents filed / granted: NIL
  • Processes Developed: NIL
  • Process Under Utilization: NIL

Awards and Distinctions (including fellowships of the learned societies):.

Name of AwardAwarded byAwarded forYear
  • Life Member Geological Society of India
  • Life Member Indian Geological Congress
  • Life Member Indian Society for Rock Mechanics and Tunneling Technology
  • Life Member Indian Society of Remote Sensing
  • Life Member Indian Geotechnical society
  • Life Member Indian Society of Earthquake Technology
Professional Experience:
  • About 02 years teaching experience
  • About 08 years research experience in Structural geology and Petrology of metamorphic rocks of Himalayan region.
  • About 20 years research experience in landslide hazard investigations/slope instability in Himalayan region
Any other:
  • Worked as ‘’Secretary’’ Executive Council of Indian Geological congress (IGC), during the year 2005 & 2006
  • D. Phil thesis (Geology) awarded under my supervision (joint)—01 No.
  • D. Phil Thesis (Geology) evaluated  – 05 No.
  • D. Phil Thesis (Geology) Viva-Voce examination taken – 02 No.
  • D. Phil  thesis under supervision – 01 No.