Landslide risk assessment, development of Early Warning System and control measures in landslide prone zones of Chamoli-Joshimath region, Garhwal Himalayas.

In many countries, economic losses due to landslides are great and apparently are growing as development expands into unstable hilly areas under the pressure of expanding populations. In spite of improvements in recognition, prediction, mitigative measures, worldwide landslide activity is increasing. A greater awareness of landslide problems has led to significant research in the subject. A considerable amount of work has been carried out world wide to assess the landslide susceptible zones. In India, regional landslide hazard zonation maps of parts of Himalayas have been prepared by a few organizations. However, no attempt has been so far made to prepare detailed hazard & risk map on large scale. In a global scenario advanced research for landslide early warning is now becoming popular. In India development of a near real-time landslide early warning system is an imperative task to provide an early warning. There are various techniques and types of landslide control measures available today. All such measures are site specific and they differ in different landslide scenario. Globally such measures have been designed and implemented as per the site condition. An integrated long term solution comprising of various control measures suitable for site specific landslide is an imperative task in the country’s present disaster scenario.

A few laboratories of CSIR namely CSIR-CBRI, CSIR-CRRI, CSIR- CSIO, CSIR-4PI and CSIR-NEIST have initiated and made some significant contributions in the above mentioned areas of landslide disaster mitigation.

Scope of Work:

scope of the work comprised of the following Tasks:

T-1.1: Landslide Hazard and Risk Assessment of Chamoli-Joshimath region, Garhwal Himalaya (CSIR-CBRI)
T-1.2: Early Warning Instrumentation & Decision package for a landslide in Chamoli-Joshimath region of Garhwal Himalaya (CSIR-CBRI)
T-1.3: GPS based Integrated Landslide Modeling for hazard assessment in Chamoli-Joshimath region of Garhwal Himalaya (CSIR-CMMACS)
T-1.4: Landslide monitoring using SAR Interferometry (CSIR-CSIO)
T-1.5: Development of optical fiber based multiplex sensor network system for landslide monitoring (CSIR-NEIST)
T-1.6: Comprehensive geo-investigation and control measures of a landslide in Chamoli-Joshimath region of Garhwal Himalaya (CSIR-CBRI)
T-1.7: Landslide hazard information system and design of innovative measures for landslide control (CSIR-CRRI)
T-1.8: Bio-engineering – A phytoremediation option for the mitigation of landslide and slope stability problems in the hilly regions (CSIR-NEERI)


  • Landslide hazard & risk maps
  • GPS & Satellite based Landslide Hazard Model
  • Landslide Early Warning System
  • Landslide Control Measures- Design & development