Design and development of disaster resistant transitory and intermediate shelters for Western and North Eastern Himalayas.

Pre-fabricated houses/buildings, popularly known as ‘Prefab houses’ are becoming popular in Europe, Canada and United States. The uses of the Pre-fabricated houses in these countries are mostly for industry, office, tourism and luxury. The pre-fabricated buildings presently manufactured are generally of three types; Modular Homes; Manufactured Homes; and Mobile Homes. Mobile and manufactured houses are constructed in accordance with the HUD building codes in the U.S., while modular houses are constructed in accordance with the IBC (International Building Code). None of these designs are meant for the proposed purpose of disaster management. The transitory houses proposed in this project proposal do not fall in the categories indicated above and obviously the design will not match with the international building codes but will be solely for the purpose for which it is meant for in our country. Development of the proposed technology will be an addition towards the different measures of disaster management programs of the country.

Scope of work:

scope of the work comprised of the following Tasks:
T-4.1: Design and development of disaster resistant Intermediate Shelters for Western Himalayan Region
T-4.2: Post Disaster Management – Design and Development of Transitory Houses for disaster vulnerable rural sectors in the North Eastern Region


  • Technology packages of Disaster resistant Intermediate Shelters and demonstration of the prototype units