To identify, develop and integrate the intelligent features into a model house making it a fully automated residential unit which is occupant friendly, safe, secure, eco-friendly as well as energy efficient.

The concept of intelligent building was stimulated by the development of information technology. Intelligent Building System (IBS) uses technology and process to create a building that is safer, more productive and more operationally efficient for its occupants. The major research in case of an IBS has gone into three main streams – advanced/innovative technologies, performance evaluation methodologies and investment evaluation analysis. To include advanced/innovative technologies in the buildings, the main focus has been on the development of system integration, network protocol and building subsystem services. The development of automatic control systems has resulted in Intelligent Buildings with a wide range of building automation facilities. The primary research focus will be given for the development of software with the use of automated diagnostic tools introducing neural networks, fuzzy logic, as well as other software-intensive, artificial-intelligence-based technologies designed to detect problems. Efforts will also be given to develop intelligent control method to be used in modern building management system for improving and optimizing the energy and environmental performance of buildings and also in the application of wireless technologies in the building.

Scope of work:

scope of the work comprised of the following Tasks:
T-6.1: Architectural Planning and Design of a residential unit for Integrating Intelligent Building Features
T-6.2: Intelligent HVAC and Lighting controls in response to Ambient Environment
T-6.3:Glass Facade Cleaning Robotic System
T-6.4: Development of Building Energy Management System Software and Interface Instrumentation
T-6.5: Remote control of home appliances using Mobile or Web connectivity
T-6.6: Design and development of a communication, safety & security system
T-6.7: Design & Implementation of Robot for automatic floor cleaner using wireless technologies
T-6.8: Communication network architecture for intelligent buildings


  • Architectural Planning and Design of Residential Unit facilitating integration of intelligent features
  • Demo Model Residential building integrating all developed Intelligent features
  • Automatic Variable Air volume system & Variable frequency driven compressor for Air conditioners
  • Automatic Lighting control system
  • Automatic glass facade cleaning robotic system
  • Building Energy Management System
  • Remote control of home appliances using Mobile or Web connectivity and Prepaid Energy Meter
  • Intelligent safety and security system
  • Communication Network Architecture for Integration of Various Intelligent Features Automatic Floor Cleaning Robot