Acting Director: Er Yadvendra Pandey
Nodal Scientist: Dr S.R. Karade
Co-Nodal Scientists: Dr L.P. Singh & Ar Ashok Kumar
No. of Work Packages: 4
No. of Activities/Tasks: 18
No. of Participating Scientists: 33

In the coming decades, the burgeoning population, growing economy and increasing environmental awareness will step up the demand for green building materials with minimal use of the depleting natural resources, speedy and semi-mechanised construction methods and energy efficient building designs that will provide a higher living comfort. Accordingly, it is proposed to develop advanced construction materials using technologies such as nanotechnology, cathodic protection, bio-materials, cement-free geo-polymer concrete, high performance composite technologies and energy conservation concepts. Further, it is proposed that the work in progress on use of industrial solid wastes for making green materials and sustainable construction will continue in the 12th Five Year Plan also. The proposed new or alternative materials can only be successfully applied if the available information is disseminated widely through extensive training programmes as well as easy availability through internet. Therefore, efforts will be made to make the outcome of the research available to the user agencies appropriately.

In this project focus has been kept on the minimization of uses of energy and cement to reduce CO2 emission by introducing various measures such as green retrofitting of the existing buildings, cement-free geo-polymer that cure at room temperature and use of solar energy. Besides these, other sustainability options like waste utilization and application of upcoming technologies like nanotechnology, phase changing materials and cathodic protection (CP) to enhance the durability and performance of buildings are also included in the proposal.