• To develop materials and methods to reduce impact on environment by buildings through minimum use of energy & natural resources
  • To enhance durability and performance of buildings by application of technology, bio-engineering and other emerging technologies.
  • To provide user friendly guidelines for making cost effective houses in different geo-climatic regions of the country.


Scope of the Work:

Scope of the project comprised of the following Work Packages (WP):

WP1: Performance Enhancement of Materials through Nanotechnology

WP2: Next Generation Concrete for Sustainable Construction

WP3: Green Building Technologies

WP4: Materials & Technologies for Hazard Reduction


Envisaged Major outputs:

Innovative Materials:

  • Cement free binder system for mortar & concrete.
  • Durable and ultra high strength concrete using Nano-technology.
  • Thermal coatings based on nano-materials.
  • Building components from wastes
  • Fire safe materials



  • Green retrofitting of existing buildings
  • Making porous concrete Foundation on problematic soils
  • Solar Thermal Air Conditioners
  • An Indigenous Cathodic Protection System for corrosion control in RCC Structures
  • Demonstration buildings with CBRI technologies in different climatic zones