• Development of green retrofit methodologies and solar thermal air conditioner to reduce energy   consumption in existingand new buildings.
  • To utilize industrial and demolition wastes in building construction.
  • Development of technology packages for environmentally, socially & economically sustainable and   energy efficient mass housing in urban areas of different geo-climatic regions.

Scope of work:

Scope of the work comprised of the following Tasks:
T-3.1: Green Retrofit Strategies for Office Buildings
T-3.2: Demolition Wastes as Raw Materials for Low Cost Construction Products
T-3.3: Solar Thermal Air Conditioner
T-3.4: Solid Industrial Waste – A Resource Geo-material for Civil Construction
T-3.5: Technology packages for mass housing in urban areas for different geo- climatic regions
T-3.6: Development of Robust Foundation for Difficult Soils