NameDr. Achal Kumar Mittal
Date of Birth03.05.1964,
Present DesignationChief Scientist and Coordinator
DivisionHeritage and Special Structures

Educational Attainments

Degree / DiplomaMain SubjectUniversity/Institution with DistinctionCountryYear of Passing
B.E.Civil EngineeringUniversity of RoorkeeIndia1986
M.Tech.Structural EngineeringR.E.C., KurukshetraIndia1988
P.G. Diploma in Earthquake EnggEarthquake EngineeringInternational Instt. of Seismology & Earthquake Engg. IISEE Tsukuba, JapanIndia1999
Ph.D.Civil EngineeringIIT, RoorkeeIndia2004


a) Main Area of SpecializationStructural Engineering
b) Sub-area of SpecializationHeritage Structures, Earthquake Engineering and Wind Engineering

Countries visited in connection with higher studies, research training, employment and other scientific assignments:

Country visitedPurposeFromTo
JapanP.G. Diploma in EQ Engg.Aug. 1998Jul-99
ChinaTraining (Earthquake Disaster and Disaster Mitigation)Oct. 2002
JapanAttend Pre-Symposium Training Course on Micro tremor Array Exploration Technique and Symposium ASC 200821-Nov-0829-Nov-08
Taipei (Taiwan)Workshop & Seminar7-Nov-0912-Nov-09
Taipei (Taiwan)Conference12-Nov-0914-Nov-09
United Kingdom (UK)Pre-dispatch inspection of 300 ton UTM at M/s Instron, UK17-Sep-201219-Sep-2012
VietnamWorkshop APEC-WW-201211-Nov-201213- Nov-2012
JapanCollaborative Project on Research on the evaluation of the interference effects to the wind load of high-rise buildings15-Feb-201525-Feb-2015
New ZealandConference03-Dec-201707-Dec-2017
Publications and Patents
Papers in Journals:

  1. Ghosh, H. Gupta, A. Mittal (2020), Imaging of civil structures using Thermography, Indian Journal of Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation.
  2. Chanchal Sonkar, K. Mittal and S. K. Bhattacharyya (2020), Comparative study on Cold-formed Steel (CFS) single-stud and multiple-studs wall panels with Magnesium Oxide (MgO) sheathing under axial loading: experimental and analytical, Journal of Structural Engineering, 10.1061/(ASCE)ST.1943-541X.0002723.
  3. Behera, S., Ghosh, D., Mittal, A. K., Tamura, Y., & Kim, W. (2020), The effect of plan ratios on wind interference of two tall buildings, The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings, 29(1), e1680., Page no: 1-10,
  4. S. Aswathy, M. Vinoth, Achal Mittal and Siddharth Behera, Prediction of Surface Settlement due to Deep Excavation in Indo-Gangetic Plain- A Case Study, Indian Geotech Journal, Springer,, published online Nov. 20, 2019.
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Papers in International Conferences:

  1. Sonkar, A. K. Mittal, S. K. Bhattacharyya, S. Kumar and A. Dewangan (2019), Experimental and Analytical Study of Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Single-Stud Walls Sheathed with FCB, CSB and MgO under Compression, International Colloquium on Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures, pp 1042-1050, Taylor & Francis, DOI:
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Paper in National Conference/ Seminar

  1. A.K. Mittal and Debdutta Ghosh (2019), Condition Assessment of Structures through Non-destructive Techniques, Masonry Building Conservation, Principles & Techniques, 29th July to 2nd August, 2019, Department of Archaeology and Museums, Haryana.
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Tech. Reports: More than 70 technical reports for sponsored and consultancy projects completed in CBRI

  1. Third-party Quality Assurance Services for the Construction of Thal Sena Bhawan at Delhi Cantt. (Sponsor: M/s ITD Cementation India Limited)
  2. Structural Audit of Buildings at Anusandhan Vihar, DRDO Residential Complex Timarpur, Delhi (Sponsor: MES)
  3. Structural Audit of Buildings at ADRDE, Agra (Sponsor: MES)
  4. Structural Audit of administrative building and residential quarters of colony at ONGC, Hazira, Surat (Sponsor: ONGC)
  5. Structural Audit of MAP Buildings at Karam Singh Vihar, Lalgarh Jattan Military Station, Rajasthan (Sponsor: MES)
  6. Health Assessment of The Wagon Tippler Structure at Nabinagar, Patna (Sponsor: NTPC Nabinagar)
  7. Advise on the Waterproofing at Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum, New Delhi (Sponsor: NBCC, New Delhi)
  8. Structural Assessment of Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh (Sponsor: ASI and GSI)
  9. Health Assessment of Cooling Tower at RGTPP, HPGCL, Hisar (Sponsor: HPGCL, Hisar)
  10. Technologies for Robust Structural Health Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure and Conservation and Restoration of Heritage Structures (Vertical II of Mission Mode Project on Heritage Buildings) (Sponsor: CSIR, New Delhi)
  11. Techno-Economic Evaluation of Partly Constructed Doon Cyber Tower at I.T. Park, Dehradun (Sponsor: SIIDCUL, Dehradun)
  12. Structural Stability and Feasibility for Additional Floor on Existing ESIC Hospital Building at Bareilly (Sponsor: CPWD, Bareilly)
  13. Structural Assessment of Partly Constructed Sutradhara Building, at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi (Sponsor: PD, IGNCA, New Delhi)
  14. Structural Stability issues of Building and Possible Solutions (Sponsor: OFB, Kolkata)
  15. Technical Guidance on State Guest House (Dam Kothi), Haridwar (Sponsor: PWD, Haridwar)
  16. Evaluation of Methodology used for Strengthening of RC Component for MILITARY Station, Suratgarh (Sponsor: Sanrachana Structural Strengthening Pvt. Ltd., Thane, Maharashtra)
  17. Evaluation of Methodology used for Strengthening of RC Component for OTM ACCN (PH-II) for MH Bikaner (Sponsor: Rebuild Technologies Services Pvt. Ltd., Thane, Maharashtra)
  18. Structural Assessment of Buildings Damaged by DMRC Tunneling Work at Street No.1, Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi (Sponsor: DMRC, New Delhi)
  19. Structural Assessment of Buildings Damaged during DMRC Tunneling Work at Defence Colony, New Delhi (Sponsor: DMRC, New Delhi)
  20. Technical Guidance on Structural Safety of Heritage DRM Building (Annexe Building), Mumbai (Sponsor: DRM, Bombay Division, CR, Mumbai)
  21. Technical Examination on Structural Safety of UNESCO World Heritage CSTM Building (GM Building), Mumbai (Sponsor: DRM, Bombay Division, CR, Mumbai)
  22. Augmented Reality Interaction with Physical Models of Monuments (Sponsor: IIT, Delhi)
  23. A Digital Mini-Spectacle for showcasing the Glory of Hampi (Sponsor: IIT, Delhi)
  24. Technical Examination for Restoration of Main Station Building at Delhi Junction Railway Station (Sponsor: DRM, Delhi Division, NR, New Delhi)
  25. Scientific Material Investigations for The Heritage Building of National Archives of India (NAI), New Delhi (Sponsor: NAI, New Delhi)
  26. Monitoring of Steel Portal Frame installed in Jagmohana of Shree Jagannath temple Puri (Sponsor: ASI, Bhubaneswar)
  27. Repair and Retrofitting of Forest Research Institute (FRI) Building, Dehradun (Sponsor: CPWD, Dehradun)
  28. Structural Stability, Health Assessment and Suggesting Seismic Strengthening Measures for Buildings No. P-117 & P-118 At OD Line, Allipore, Kolkata (Sponsor: DG, MAP, New Delhi)
  29. Structural Health Assessment and Suggesting Strengthening Measures for Income Tax Building at Sanjay Place, Agra (Sponsor: CPWD, Agra)
  30. Structural Assessment of Buildings Damaged by DMRC Tunneling Work at Rameshwar Nagar, New Delhi (Sponsor: DMRC, New Delhi)
  31. Structural Health Assessment and Suggesting Remedial Measures for Civil Hospital, Gurgaon (Sponsor: Director General, Health Services, Haryana)
  32. Technical Examination of the LSS, Staff Quarter Complex, Sec. -2, R. K. Puram, New Delhi (Sponsor: CPWD, New Delhi)
  33. Preparation of Integrated Cluster Action Plan (ICAP) under Rurban Mission for Uttarakhand State (Sponsor: Rural Development Department, Uttarakhand)
  34. Assessment of Work and Rendering of Technical Advice for Wk at Suratgarh Mil. Station (Sponsor: MES, Suratgarh)
  35. Assessment of Work and Rendering of Technical Advice for Wk at Bikaner Mil. Station (Sponsor: MES, Bikaner)
  36. Health Assessment and Suggesting Strengthening Measures for Resident Quarters at G. Point (Sponsor: CPWD, New Delhi)
  37. Health Assessment of the Amber Palace, Jaipur (Sponsor: ADMA, Jaipur)
  38. Comprehensive Study of Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi (Sponsor: CPWD, New Delhi)
  39. Design of Low Speed Wind Tunnel (Sponsor: DST, New Delhi)
  40. Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA/ Jaipur House) (Sponsor: CPWD, New Delhi)
  41. Advise on Retrofitting Measures of Distressed Building and Strengthening Measures for Slopes at Grand Hotel Shimla (Sponsor: CPWD, Shimla)
  42. Advise on Structural Assessment and Suggesting Earthquake Resistant Provisions for ASHIYANA Building of President’s Estate, Dehradun (Sponsor: CPWD, New Delhi)
  43. Technical Examination of the Extension Building to PHA, New Delhi (Sponsor: CPWD, New Delhi)
  44. Health Assessment of the Drift Structures for Natural Draft Cooling Tower at NCPS, Dadri (Sponsor: NTPC, Dadri)
  45. Development of implementation Manual for Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core Panel System (Sponsor: MOHUA, New Delhi)
  46. Study of Impact Behaviour of RC Elements (In-house R&D)
  47. Study on Carbonation of RC structures (In-house R&D)
  48. Investigation of Kashi Vishwanath Mandir, Varanasi (Sponsor: Shri Kashi Vishwanath Mandir Samiti, Varanasi, Utter Pradesh)
  49. Structural Checking of AWHO Group Housing Project at Panchkula (Sponsor: AWHO, New Delhi)
  50. Experimental Evaluation of Precast Beam-Beam Connection (In-house R&D)
  51. Evaluation of Geotechnical, Geological, Structural and Environmental Aspects of Proposed Slum Rehabilitation Project at Malabar Hills, Mumbai [Sponsor: M/s Pandya & Poonawala & M/s Federal & Rashmikant (By the order of Bombay High Court)]
  52. Comprehensive Geotechnical and Structural Investigation of Taj Mahal (Sponsor: ASI, Agra)
  53. Investigation at Sun Temple Konark (Sponsor: ASI, Bhubaneswar)
  54. Comprehensive study for rehabilitation of people affected by max pond level of 1108m Joshiyara Barrage, Uttarkashi (Sponsor: UJVNL, Uttarkashi)
  55. Advice on Construction of Various Civil Works and Vetting of Technical Specifications of MDDA (Sponsor: MDDA, Dehradun)
  56. Structural Investigation & Suggesting Repair Measures for Rehabilitation of Pant Sadan, R/o Honorable Chief Justice of Uttarakhand (Sponsor: PWD, Nainital)
  57. Design and Construction Monitoring of School Building under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Uttarakhand (Sponsor: State Project Office, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Uttarakhand)
  58. Study on wind induced interference on tall buildings (In-house R&D)
  59. Architectural planning and structural design of the three models of KGBVs and quality inspection of the above school sites (Sponsor: (Sponsor: State Project Office, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Uttarakhand)
  60. Third party evaluation and quality inspection of school buildings under construction during 2007-08 and 2008-09 under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (Sponsor: State Project Office, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Uttarakhand)
  61. Structural Conditional Assessment of Digester and Gas Holding Tanks in Existing Sewage Treatment Plant of Delhi Jal Board (Sponsor: VA Tech Wabhag)
  62. Health Assessment of Cooling Towers and Chimney of NTPC, Muzzaffarpur (Sponsor: NTPC)
  63. Health Assessment of Coal Handling Plant and DM Plant Structures of NTPC, Muzzaffarpur (Sponsor: NTPC)
  64. Proof Checking of Design Drawings and Quality Inspection of SIEMAT Building (Sponsor: State Project Office, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Uttarakhand)
  65. Third Party Quality Inspection of Civil Construction Work of CGEWHO Housing Project at Meerut (Sponsor: CGEWHO, Delhi)
  66. Design, Analysis and Health Assessment of Special Structures Including Bridges (Sponsor: CSIR)
  67. Residual Life Assessment of Thermal Power Stack at Panipat Refinery of IOCL, Panipat (Sponsor: IOCL Panipat)
  68. Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and Damage Scenario of Buildings in Almora City (Sponsor: DST)
  69. Seismic Damage Scenario of Buildings in Almora (Sponsor: UCOST, Uttarakhand)
  70. Assessment of Structural Health and Safety of ONGC Residential Colony Buildings at Agartala, Tripura (Sponsor: ONGC, Agartala)
  71. Third Party Quality Assurance – Load Test on Slabs on DDA Buildings in Dwarka (Sponsor: DDA, Delhi)


Scientific Books / Book Chapters:

  1. A book published on collection of superiority features of Indian heritage structures.
  2. A book published on Achieving Quality in Building Construction.


Patents filed / granted:

  1. Patent filled (App No. 201611022642, filed on 1st July 2016). “Optical Based Velocity Sensor for measuring instantaneous velocity of a dropping object”. Inventor(s): Dr. A.K Mittal, Er. M.M Dalbehera, Er. S. Kumar.


Technology Transfred:

  1. Nano Lime Technology for Repair and Conservation of Structures to M/s Poysha Nanotech LLP., Haridwar, Uttarakhand (Contributors: Dr. L P Singh, Sh. Srinivasa Naik, Dr. Achal Mittal)
  2. Imaging of Hidden Anomalies in Concrete and Masonry Structures using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity to Indian MSME firm M/S Canopus Instruments, Maharashtra (Contributors: Dr. Debdutta Ghosh, Ms. Hina Gupta, Dr. Achal Mittal)


Awards and Distinctions (including fellowships of the learned societies):.

Name of AwardAwarded byAwarded forYear
Director’s Technology AwardDirector CSIR-CBRIProcess Know How for the Preparation of Nano-Lime2019
Eminent Engineer AwardThe Institution of Engineers, Uttarakhand State Centre, DehradunEminent Work for Engineering Sciences2019
Professional Experience:



Scientist Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee

1996 – till date

At present Sr. Pr. Scientist

Fellow R-2 / Proj. Asstt Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee June 1992 – Feb.1996
Scientist/Engineer ‘SC’ CAD Group National Informatics Center (NIC), CGO Complex, New Delhi Feb.1990 – June1992
Senior Research Fellow (SRF) Civil Engineering Deptt., Univ. of Roorkee May 1988 – Feb. 1990