NameDr. Debdutta Ghosh
Date of Birth11.04.1989,
Present DesignationScientist
DivisionStructural Engineering

Educational Attainments

Degree / DiplomaMain SubjectUniversity/Institution with DistinctionCountryYear of Passing
B.Tech.Civil EngineeringJalpaiguri Government Engineering CollegeIndia2010
M.Tech.EIDM (Enginnering of Infrastructure and Disaster Mitigation, Building)AcSIR, New DelhiIndia2013
PhDStructural Engineering, Department of Civil EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology DelhiIndia2020


a) Main Area of SpecializationCivil Engineering
b) Sub-area of SpecializationHeritage Structures, Structural Health Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation, Tall Buildings, Disaster Resistant Building Systems (Tsunami, Earthquake, Wind, and Flood), Fluid Structure Interaction, Structural Dynamics, Concrete Technology, Repair and Retrofitting, Intelligent Buildings, Temporary shelter, Makeshift housing.

Countries visited in connection with higher studies, research training, employment and other scientific assignments:

Country visitedPurposeFromTo
Berlin, GermanyWorkshop on Advanced Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation in Civil Engineering27/06/2018 03/07/2018
Publications and Patents
  • Current Publications (2009 onwards):

International Journal papers:-

  1. D Ghosh, R Kumar, A Ganguli, A Mukherjee, (2020) Nondestructive Evaluation of Rebar Corrosion Induced Damage in Concrete through Ultrasonic Imaging. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, ASCE. (Accepted). DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0003398. (Impact Factor: 1.984)
  2. Behera, S., Ghosh, D., Mittal, A.K., Tamura, Y. and Kim, W., 2020. The effect of plan ratios on wind interference of two tall buildings. The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings, 29(1), p.e1680.  (Impact Factor: 2.204)
  3. D Ghosh, S Beniwal, A Ganguli, A Mukherjee. (2019) “Simulation of Ultrasonic Rayleigh Wave Based Damage Detection in Concrete Structures” Indian Journal of Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation, vol.16, no.16. (Won ISNT-IXAR Best Paper Award in Research & Development for the year 2019)
  4. Ghosh, D., Beniwal, S., Ganguli, A., & Mukherjee, A. (2018). Reference free imaging of subsurface cracks in concrete using Rayleigh waves. Structural Control and Health Monitoring, e2246.  (Impact Factor: 3.74)
  5. D. Ghosh, H. Gupta, A. Mittal, R. Shekhar (2018) “Inspection of Heritage Structure using Infrared Thermography”, The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing, Vol.23 No.04 -ISSN 1435-4934
  6. D. Ghosh, K. Rahul, D. Roy, A. Ganguli, S. Tuli, A. Mukherjee (2018) “Combination of thermal and ultrasonic imaging techniques for detection of sub-surface defects in concrete”, The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing, Vol.23 No.04 -ISSN 1435-4934.
  7. Gupta H, Ghosh D, Behera S, Mittal AK. (2018) “Comparative study between ERS Sensors and VWSG”, The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing, Vol.23 No.04 -ISSN 1435-4934
  8. D. Ghosh, A.K. Mittal, S.K. Bhattacharyya, “Multiphase Modeling of Tsunami Impact on Building with Openings”, The Journal of Computational Multiphase Flows, 8(2), 2016, 85–94. (Impact Factor: 0.55)
  9. Surendra Beniwal, Debdutta Ghosh, and Abhijit Ganguli, “Ultrasonic imaging of concrete using scattered elastic wave modes.” NDT & E International, 82, 2016, 26-35. (Impact Factor: 2.934)
  10. D. Ghosh, S. Behera, and A.K. Mittal, “Numerical Simulation of Wind Effect on a Rooftop Solar Array”, Journal of Energy and Power Sources, 2(8), 2015, 317-322.

International Conference papers:-

  1. B. Thamizhinian1, D. Ghosh, Hina Gupta, AK Mittal (2018) “Seismic pounding effect on buildings and its control” 16th Symposium on Earthquake Engineering, 20-22 December 2018, IIT Roorkee, India.
  2. D. Ghosh, Rahul, A. Ganguli, A. Mukherjee (2018) “Ultrasonic Imaging as a Diagnostic Tool for Detection of Rebar Corrosion” 7th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring November 12-15, 2018 Hong Kong SAR, P.R. China.
  3. Debdutta Ghosh , Hina Gupta, AK Mittal (2018) “Imaging of Concrete Structures using Active Thermography” Confernce on Non Destructive Evaluation, Dec. 2018, Mumbai.
  4. Debdutta GHOSH , Surendra BENIWAL, Abhijit GANGULI , Abhijit MUKHERJEE, Shashank BISHNOI “Cross-correlation based Imaging of Defects in Plate using Ultrasonic Lamb Waves” Confernce on Non Destructive Evaluation, Dec. 2018, Mumbai.
  5. A. K. Mittal, S. Behera, D.Ghosh, Y. Tamura, W. Kim (2017), “The Effect of plan ratios on wind interference of two tall buildings”, 9th Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering, Auckland, New Zealand, 3-7 December 2017.
  6. Ghosh, D., Beniwal, S., Ganguli, A., and Mukherjee A. (2016), “Near Surface Defect Detection in a Concrete Slab Using Ultrasonic Rayleigh Wave – A Numerical Study,” ISSS National Conference on MEMS, Smart Materials, Structures and Systems, Kanpur, September.
  7. Debdutta Ghosh, Hina Gupta, Dr. A. K. Mittal (2016), “Non-destructive evaluation of heritage structures for smart cities”, Young Scientist Conclave, India International Science Festival at NPL, New Delhi, November, 7-10.
  8. Debdutta Ghosh, Surendra Beniwal, and Abhijit Ganguli, (2015), “Detection of Delamination in Concrete Medium Using Rayleigh Waves”, IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan, October 21-24. 10.1109/ULTSYM.2015.0338.
  9. Debdutta Ghosh, Siddharth Behera, Achal Kr. Mittal (2015), “Pressure Reduction Strategy of Tsunami Wave for Buildings” India International Science Festival, New Delhi, 4-7 Dec.
  10. Ghosh, A.K. Mittal, S. Behera and A. Gupta (2013), “Wind Flow Characteristics around Rooftop Solar Array – A Numerical Study”, Proc. of 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering (APCWE-8), Chennai, India, Dec. 10-14, 674-681.
  11. A.K. Mittal, D. Ghosh, S. Behera, I.A. Siddiqui and D Dharmshaktu (2013), “Wind Flow Simulation in the Vicinity of Tall Buildings Through CFD”, Proc. of 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering (APCWE-8), Chennai, India, Dec. 10-14, 682-690.
  12. S Behera, A.K. Mittal, S.K. Bhattacharyya, A. Gupta and D. Ghosh (2013), “Wind Forces on Inclined Solar Panels on Flat Roofs”, Proc. of 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Wind Engineering (APCWE-8), Chennai, India, Dec. 10-14, 527-532.

National Conference papers:-

  1. Debdutta Ghosh, Hina Gupta, Raj Shekhar, A K Mittal (2017), “Advanced Non-Destructive Techniques for Mass Housing” Workshop on Mass Housing and Rapid Construction, Institute of Engineers (India), Roorkee Center, Chapter, Roorkee, 13-14 Nov, 2017.
  2. A. K. Mittal, S. Behera, D. Ghosh, H. Gupta (2016), “Earthquake Failures and Mitigation”, Seminar on Construction Techniques in Earthquake Prone Areas, Chief Engineer Siliguri Zone, MES, May 27.
  3. A. K. Mittal, S. Behera, Y. Tamura, W. Kim, D. Ghosh (2016), “The Effect of plan ratios on wind interference of two tall buildings”, 8th National Conference on Wind Engineering (NCWE), IIT BHU, Varanasi, Dec. 16-17.
  4. D. Ghosh, S. Behera, A. K. Mittal (2014), “Assessment of Wind Flow around Rooftop Solar Array – A Case Study”, 7thNational Conference on Wind Engineering (NCWE), Patiala, India, Nov. 21-22, 213-220.
  5. A. K. Mittal, S. Behera, D. Ghosh, S. K. Bhattacharyya (2014), “Design Issues of Tall Building due to Wind Forces-A Case Study”, 7th National Conference on Wind Engineering (NCWE), Patiala, India, Nov. 21-22, 53-60.
  6. A. K. Mittal, S. Behera and D. Ghosh (2014), “Role of Tall Buildings in Urban Infrastructure: Research Issues”, National Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure Development (NCSID), Civil Engineering Department National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTR), Chandigarh and Chitkara Univesity, Himachal Pradesh, March 13-14, 43-50.
  7. D. Ghosh and A. K. Mittal (2012), “A Review on Pedestrian Wind comfort criteria around Tall Building”, 6thNational Conference on Wind Engineering (NCWE), New Delhi, India, Dec. 14-15, 491-506.
  • Publications previous to 2009: NIL
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  • Scientific Books / Book Chapters:
  1. Ghosh, D., Mittal, A. K., Bhattacharyya, S. K., & Behera, S. (2019). The Effect of Macroroughness in Front of Building for Tsunami Pressure Dissipation—A Numerical Study. In Recent Advances in Structural Engineering, Volume 1 (pp. 1013-1024). Springer, Singapore. (Book Chapter Springer)
  2. Gupta, H., Ghosh, D., & Mittal, A. K. (2019). Seismic Performance of a Heritage Rubble Stone Masonry Building—A Case Study. In Recent Advances in Structural Engineering, Volume 2 (pp. 317-328). Springer, Singapore. (Book Chapter Springer)
  3. D. Ghosh, A. K. Mittal, and S. K. Bhattacharyya (2015), “The effect of opening for the reduction of wave pressure on buildings during Tsunami” Proceedings of Mechanics of solids, fluids, and materials, Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, 212-218.
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Awards and Distinctions (including fellowships of the learned societies):.

Name of AwardAwarded byAwarded forYear
Quick Hire Scientist (Trainee)CSIRM.Tech.2011
Teaching AssistantshipMHRDPhD2014
Best Presentation AwardIISFIn young scientist conclave2016
The Institution of Engineers (India) Excellence AwardsInstitute of Engineers India (IEI) Roorkee Local Center (RLC)Excellence in Academics / Research2018
ISNT-IXAR Best Paper Award in R&DISNTFor the best technical paper2019

Professional Experience:.

S. No.Name of EmployerFromToDesignation
1CSIR-Central Building Research Institute29/03/2016-Till Date-Scientist
2Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 21/07/201428/03/2016Teaching Assistant
3CSIR-Central Building Research Institute 08/08/201118/07/2014Quick Hire Scientist (Trainee)
4McNally Bharat Engineering Company Limited01/07/201107/08/2011Associate Manager
5McNally Bharat Engineering Company Limited01/07/201031/06/2011Executive Trainee
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