Date of Birth29.07.1967
Present DesignationSr. Principal Scientist
DivisionStructural Engineering

Educational Attainments

Degree / DiplomaMain SubjectUniversity/Institution with DistinctionCountryYear of Passing
B.E.Civil EngineeringNagpur University, NagpurIndia1994
M.E.Civil EngineeringNagpur University, NagpurIndia1996
M.B.A.Marketing & Financial ManagementNagpur University, NagpurIndia1999
Ph.D.Civil Engineering - StructuresIndian Institute of Technology RoorkeeIndia2015


a) Main Area of SpecializationStructural Engineering
b) Sub-area of SpecializationEarthquake Resistant Design,Construction, Repair & Retrofitting;

Countries visited in connection with higher studies, research training, employment and other scientific assignments:

Country visitedPurposeFromTo
TaiwanTo attend training on ‘Seismic Design of Building Structures’ during Jan. 21-25, 2002, organized by ‘National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering’, Taipei (Taiwan)19.1.200227.1.2002
Portugal9th International Masonary Conference04.07.201412.07.2014
NepalAdvice to Government of Nepal09.05.201514.05.2015
NepalTo explore possibility for reconstruction of schools21.11.201625.11.2016
CanadaStructural Health Monitoring of Tall Buildings22.02.201705.03.2017
MyanmarSelection and design of temporary and permanent housing for displaced people in Rakhine State04.02.201809.02.2018


Books Published

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Chapter in Books

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Papers in International Journals

  1. Kumar Ashok, Chourasia Ajay, Lala Sayantani, Kumar Aditya and Vijayraj (2017) Prefabricated Foundation System for Single Storey Houses: International Council for Research and Innovation in Building Construction, cibw 117.
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Papers Published in National Journals

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Papers Published in International & National Seminars, Symposia and Conferences

  1. Chourasia Ajay (2018), Reinforced Concrete Prefab Technologies for Mass Housing Seismic Safety & Sustainability Issues, PEPSCON, Vijayawada, January 2018.
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Technical Broucher

  1. CSIR-CBRI Tips for Good Construction Practices in Buildings. (2017). CSIR-Central Building Research Institute, (in Hindi and English)
  2. Spinner: Tool for design of RC Slabs for Residential Buildings (2017). CSIR-Central Building Research Institute,Roorkee
  3. CSIR-CBRI Technology Demonstration-cum-Class Room. (2015). CSIR-Central Building Research Institute,Roorkee.


  1. Chourasia, Ajay, Bhattacharyya, S.K., Jain, H.K. (2014) Confined Masonry Constructions, 20 min. Documentary, CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee.

Patents Filed

  1. 3-D Deformometer (2014): For measurement of deformation of prism in three perpendicular directions simultaneously. No. 444/DEL/2015, dt. 02.2015.
  2. Round Boulders Mortar (RBM) Units for Masonry Works (in process).
  3. Steel Jacketing Technique For Strengthening Coal Pillars To Improve Underground Coal Recovery (in process).


Keynote Lectures

  1. Delivered lecture on ‘Prefab Buildings System: Seismic Safety’ at Chief Engineers Seminar organized by Military Engineering Services, Chandigarh, March 2018.
  2. Delivered lecture on ‘Prefab Technologies and Precast Concrete Structure, PEPSCON at Vijayawada, January 2018.
  3. Delivered lecture on ‘Prefab Buildings for Housing for all Mission-Prospects & Caution on ‘’ Housing for hilly regions at NIT, Srinagar Uttarakhand, December 2017
  4. Delivered lecture on ‘Seismic Resistant Design and Good Construction Practices’ at NIIT, Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh, Oct. 2017.
  5. Delivered lecture on ‘Retrofitting Techniques of Existing Buildings’ to engineers of SAARC Nations, SAARC Disaster Management Centre, Gandhinagar, Sept. 2017.
  6. Delivered lecture on ‘Design of Earthquake Resistance Building’ at Ordance Factories Institute of Learning, Dehradun, April 2017.
  7. Earthquake Resistant Structures’ – around 10 Lecture delivered at various plate forms, 2017.
  8. Structural Health Monitoring’ –Lecture delivered at the India International Trade Fair Delhi, Nov.2016.
  9. Delivered lectures on ‘Masonry Buildings: Types of Failures & Codal Recommendations’, and ‘Design, Construction of Confined Masonry Buildings’, at the Training Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Buildings in Bihar, organized by Bihar State Disaster Management Authority, May.
  10. Seismic Retrofitting of Secretariat Building, Chandigarh’, Chandigarh Heritage Conservation Committee, April 2015.
  11. ‘Repair, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Buildings’–An invited talk at Workshop on Civil Works for Army Officers, delivered at Bengal Engineering Group, April 2015.
  12. ‘Concrete & its ingredients: Quality Control Aspects’ – Lecture delivered at All India seminar on New Developments in Use of Alternative Materials for Concrete, organized by ICI, Nagpur, March 2015.
  13. Delivered a lecture in Workshop to Senior Officials of Ordnance Factories of India, on Advances in Structural Engineering, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Buildings”; National Academy of Defense Protection (NADP), Nagpur, July, 2014.

Short Term Courses / Workshops

  1. Lecture on ‘Seismic Safety &Retrofitting of Hospitals’ at PIU, Dehradun, July 2017.
  2. Delivered lecture on ‘Prefabricated Construction Technology’ –Evaluation of Two storied prefab system to establish behavior of joints under seismic condition at MHADA, Mumbai, 2013.
  3. Lecture on ‘Earthquake Resistant Design and detailing of Structures’ at Training Programme on Earthquake Resistant Design of Masonry, RCC and framed structures, organized by IIT Roorkee, August 2013.
  4. Lecture on ‘Seismic vulnerability assessment of existing building stocks’ at NDMA, New Delhi, 2012.
  5. Lecture on ‘Seismic resistant design of structures’ to PWD engineers of Bihar and WB, at Department of Continuing Education, IIT Roorkee, 2012.
  6. Lectures in training programme under RSWNET, BMTPC- Dr Fixit Training programme, project on Low cost housing technology, techniques; seismic resistant design & construction etc., 2012.
  7. Lecture on ‘Retrofitting of Structures damaged due to earthquake’, at The Institution of Engineers (I), Roorkee, July 2012.
  8. Lecture on Rehabilitation of RC structures – A case study and Quality Assurance in Construction Activity at BMTPC, New Delhi, 2011.
  9. Nine (9) lectures in the short term course on NPCBEERM organized by CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee, 2005-06.


Research& Developmental Projects:

International Project

  1. Structural Health Monitoring of Tall Buildings using Vibration based Techniques (under DST: IC-IMPACT scheme) Collaborating Laboratories: CSIR-CBRI and Department of Building, Civil &Environmental Engineering, Concordia University, Canada).
  2. Improving Seismic Resistance of Cultural Heritage Buildings (under EU-INDIA economic cross cultural programme, Sponsor: European Commission to India, New Delhi and University of Minho, Guimaraes, Portugal).
  3. Post-earthquake reconstruction of schools in Nepal: Planning, Design & Construction Audit (Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India and Planning Commission, Govt. of Nepal). (In process)

Game Changing’ R&D Projects

  1. Structural Health Monitoring of Buildings using Wireless Sensor Network, 2012-2017.
  2. Development of appropriate support system for artificial pillars for optimal coal extraction of locked-up coal from underground mines, 2012-2017.
  3. Performance evaluation of confined masonry building under earthquake loads, 2012-2017.

R & D Projects

  1. Mission Mode Project on Development of Fast, Durable and Energy Efficient Mass Housing Scheme, CSIR, 2017-2020. (Nodal Officer)
  2. Development of prefab RC shear wall systems and evaluation of their lateral load resistance, CSIR, 2017.
  3. Development of efficient mechanical anchorage device for precast beam-column joint, CSIR, 2017.
  4. Performance evaluation and improvisation of pre-fabricated building systems, CSIR, 2017.
  5. Development of dry-construction technology in buildings, CSIR, 2017.
  6. Mechanization in construction process of mass housing, CSIR, 2017.
  7. Mechanization in production of prefabricated building components of mass housing, CSIR, 2017.
  8. Design interventions for enhancement of robustness in traditional construction, numerical and experimental investigation, CSIR, 2017.
  9. Design of confined masonry construction using different types units (concrete masonry block, ACC block), CSIR, 2017.
  10. Early Warning Instrumentation & Decision package for a landslide in Chamoli- Joshimath region of Garhwal Himalaya, CSIR-CBRI, 2014.
  11. Design and development of disaster resistant intermediate shelters for Western Himalayan region, CSIR-CBRI, 2014.
  12. Experimental Investigation on efficacy of various materials & techniques used for seismic retrofitting of structures under quasi-static conditions, CSIR network project coordinated by CBRI Roorkee, 2007.
  13. Health assessment of multi-storied buildings under ambient & forced vibration, CSIR network project coordinated by SERC, Chennai, 2007.
  14. Experimental investigation of RC frames buildings under quasi-static condition, 2004.
  15. Lateral Strength of Brick Masonry Buildings with Precast RC Channel and Brick Panel Roofing System under Quasi-Static Testing, 2000.
  16. System Identification of 8 storied steel framed structure under ambient vibration, 1999.

Sponsored Research Projects

  1. Review of Architectural and Structural Detailing and Quality Assurance of Buildings, Sponsor: UP Rajkiya Nirman Nigam Ltd., Dehradun, 2017.
  2. Health Assessment of Ammonia storage tank foundations at CFCL Gadepan, Kota Sponsor: Chemical Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited Gadepan (Kota), Rajasthan, 2016.
  3. Technical Assistance, Support and Guidance to Panchayat Raj Department, Govt. of Orrisa for implementation of Rural Housing Programme, (Sponsor: Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of Orrisa, Bhubaneshwar), 2016.
  4. Life assessment of UP Civil Structure at CFCL, Gadepan, Kota (Sponsor: Chemical Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited Gadepan (Kota), Rajasthan), 2016.
  5. Instrumentation & Monitoring of Buildings and RE walls at Greenfield Airport, Pakyong, Sikkim (Sponsor: Airport Authority of India, New Delhi), 2014.
  6. Damage assessment at Chittorgarh Fort due to nearby blasting operations (Sponsor: Supreme Court of India), 2014.
  7. Restoration of Konark Temple, Orissa (Sponsor: Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi), 2013.
  8. Evaluation of 3-S prefabricated systems to establish behaviour of various joints under all design loads on full scale two storied building (Sponsor: BG Shirke Const. Tech., Pune), 2010
  9. Estimation of Seismic Vulnerability of Building in Delhi: An approach towards building damage scenario (Sponsor: DST, New Delhi), 2006.
  10. Experimental Investigation of masonry buildings under quasi-static conditions (Sponsor DST, New Delhi), 2006
  11. Health Assessment and quality audit of Health Care Buildings in Uttaranchal (Sponsor: UA Health System Development Project, Dehradun), 2006.
  12. Risk assessment & engineering solutions for buildings along Metro Corridor (Sponsor: International Metro Civil Contractors, New Delhi), 2005.
  13. Structural Integrity Test on 1/5th Scale Model of Core Support Structure (Sponsor : IGCAR, Kalpakkam), 2004
  14. Seismic Vulnerability of Building in Jabalpur Urban Area (Sponsor : DST, New Delhi), 2003.
  15. Projects on Repair and Re-strengthening of Earthquake Damaged Buildings/Structures in Gujarat (Sponsor : IOCL), 2003
  16. Inspection of Plant and Township Buildings for Assessment of Damages caused by Earthquake and Suggesting Remedial Measures (Sponsor : KRIBHCO, Surat), 2003
  17. Earthquake Behaviour of Masonry and Prefabricated Buildings (Sponsor: DST, New Delhi), 2002.
  18. Development and Repair of RC Near Surface Depositories for Disposal of Radioactive Wastes (Sponsor: BARC, New Delhi), 2002.
  19. Investigating Earthquake resistance of Three Multi-storeyed Buildings of Sahara India at Lucknow and Recommending Seismic Retrofitting Measures (Sponsor : SICCL, Lucknow,), 2002
  20. Repair & Rehabilitation of earthquake Damaged Health Care Buildings (Sponsor: Govt. of Gujarat), 2002
  21. S & T Support for Survey, Repair and Rehabilitation of Buildings of Earthquake Affected Areas of Garhwal Including Establishment of Building Centres (Sponsor : UP, PWD), 1999
  22. Reclamation of Abandoned Flyash Ponds for Human Settlements (Sponsor : TIFAC, DST, New Delhi), 1999

Consultancy Projects

  1. Resettlement of Displaced People of Myanmar, Construction of Pre-Fabricated Housing in the Rakhine State(Sponsor: Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India), New Delhi, 2018
  2. Retrofitting Measures for JNV at Pakyong, East Sikkim and Rothak, West Sikkim, (Sponsor: Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India), 2016.
  3. Expert Advice on Structural Detailing of Proposed Multi-Storied Residential Building of DDA, Dwarka (Sponsor: Delhi Development Authority, New Delhi), 2016.
  4. Expert Advice on Structural Drawing/Design of Proposed Multi-storeyed Dwelling Units for in-situ Rehabilitation of Slum Dwellers at Jailorwala Bagh, New Delhi. (Sponsor: Delhi Development Authority, New Delhi), 2016.
  5. Expert Advice on Design/Drawings of Proposed Prefabricated LIG type High Rise Buildings (Sponsor: Delhi Development Authority, New Delhi), 2016.
  6. Expert Advice on Structural Drawings/Design of Integrated Housing of MDDA, Dehradun (Sponsor: Masoori- Dehradun Development Authority, Dehradun), 2016.
  7. Feasibility study for Construction of Sports College, Behat (Sponsor: U.P. Rajkiya Nirman Nigam Ltd. Saharanpur Unit), 2016.
  8. Investigation on Damage to a Building in Himgiri Colony, Moradabad Due to Operation of Tube Wall (Sponsor: Moradabad Nagar Nigam, Moradabad) 2015
  9. Expert advice on Structural Detailing of Proposed Multi –storied Residential Building and Sport Complex of DDA, Dwarka (Sponsor: Delhi Development Authority, New Delhi), 2015.
  10. Rehabilitation of Kedarnath dham, Uttarakhand (Sponsor: Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Govt. Of Uttarakhand), 2015.
  11. Expert advice on construction of multi-storied prefabricated buildings in Delhi (Sponsor: Delhi Development Authority, New Delhi), 2015.
  12. Restoration & Preservation of RC Heritage Secretariat Building at Chandigarh (Sponsor: UT Administration, Chandigarh), 2014.
  13. Retrofitting for Fire-Damaged AG Office Building at Shimla, (Sponsor: CPWD, Shimla), 2014.
  14. Rehabilitation of fire-damaged heritage building of SBI, Chennai (Sponsor: State Bank of India, Chennai), 2014.
  15. Residual life assessment of plant structures and suggesting remedial measures at NTPC Rihand (Sponsor: NTPC, Rihand), 2014.
  16. Rehabilitation of 5 MCD flyovers in Delhi (Sponsor: Municipal Corporation of Delhi, 2010.
  17. Rehabilitation of fire damaged buildings at ALTTC Center, BSNL, Ghaziabad,; CSIR HQ) and strengthening measure, 2009
  18. Proof checking of structural analysis, design & drawing of University Buildings at HNB University, Srinagar (Sponsor: HNB University, Srinagar), 2009
  19. Repair & Rehabilitation of ISBT, Kashmere Gate –Link & Departure Blocks at New Delhi (Sponsor: Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transit System, New Delhi), 2009
  20. Structural integrity & stability of administrative block & G.O.’s Mess of ITBP Mussoori (Sponsor: CPWD, Dehradun), 2008
  21. Inspection & quality control monitoring of construction works at HRDI at Mandi, Gopeshwar (Sponsor: Herbal Research Development Institute), 2009
  22. Repair & Rehabilitation of Expansion Joint at Jawahar Vypar Bhawan, New Delhi. (Sponsor: State Trading Corporation of India, New Delhi), 2008
  23. Proof checking of structural analysis, design & drawing of Aurangabad Airport Buildings (Sponsor: Airport Authority of India, New Delhi), 2007
  24. Rehabilitation of Expansion Joint at Old PGIM Hospital Building, Rohtak, (Sponsor: Govt. Hospital, Rohtak), 2007
  25. Health assessment of RC Chimney & suggesting remedial measures at NTPC, Badarpur (Sponsor: NTPC, Badarpur), 2004.
  26. Vibration monitoring of R&D Centre (CEERI) at Naraina (Sponsor: CEERI Pilani), 2004.
  27. Structural design of School Buildings under Rajiv Gandhi Navodaya Vidhyalaya at Dehradun and Landhora (Sponsor: UP RNN, Lucknow), 2004
  28. Advice on seismic design for Gujarat Government Office Buildings, Ahmedabad (Sponsor: SMEC, Ahmedabad), 2004.
  29. Advice on Remedial Measures for Earthquake Damaged Pump Stations & Residential Buildings of SMPL – IOCL in Gujarat (Sponsor: IOCL, Rajkot),. 2004.
  30. Distress in Campus School Building at GB Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar (Sponsor: Pantnagar University), 2004.
  31. Third Party Inspection of Road Repaired by Hot Mix Plant at BHEL Hardwar Township (Sponsor: BHEL, Hardwar), 2004.
  32. Third Party Inspection of Water-proofing cement coat on the exterior of buildings at BHEL Hardwar Township (Sponsor: BHEL, Hardwar),. 2004.
  33. Third Party Inspection of Grit finish plaster on buildings at BHEL Noida (Sponsor: BHEL, Noida), 2004.
  34. Structural analysis & seismic design of Forest Hospital building at Haldwani (Sponsor: Forest Hospital, Haldwani), 2004.
  35. Remedial measures for distressed Guest House at Neelkanth (Sponsor: UA Tourism, Dehradun), 2004.
  36. Structural design of Office Buildings at Meerut (Sponsor: UP AVP, Lucknow), 2003
  37. Structural analysis & seismic design of Mechanical Engineering Block of GB Pant University, Pauri (Sponsor: UPRNN, Lucknow), 2003.
  38. Remedial Measures for Restoration of Damaged Buildings at IOCL, Gandhidham, 2002.
  39. Investigation of Damages of IOCL Buildings caused by Earthquake & suggesting measures at IOCL, Rajkot, 2002.
  40. Checking of Structural Integrity of Indian Oil Nagar, Noida including pipeline office building at NOIDA, IOCL, New Delhi, 2002.
  41. Strengthening measures for repair of PVKL’s control room building at Kandla, Jamnagar, 2002.
  42. Remedial measures for restoration of damaged buildings of IOCL at Ahmedabad, 2002.
  43. Checking of Design Basis with regard to Earthquake forces, IOCL, New Delhi, 2002.
  44. Investigations of Distressed Govt. of India Text Books Press, Chandigarh, 2002.
  45. Structural Analysis, Design and Construction of SRINIVASAM Multi-storeyed Amenities Centre at Tirupati (Sponsor: T.T. Devasthanams, Tirupati), 2001.
  46. Vibration Monitoring of CCR building at BPCL refinery, Mumbai (Sponsor: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai), 2001.
  47. Vibration Monitoring of Gas Compressor Foundations at OIL, Duliajan (Sponsor : Oil India Limited, Duliajan), 2000
  48. Block Vibration Tests at Panipat (Sponsor: Soil Engineering Consultants, New Delhi), 2000.
  49. Engineering and Geotechnical Investigation and Design of Balianala retaining walls (Sponsor: PWD, Nainital), 1998.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Project Coordinator, Mission Mode Project on “Mass Housing”, CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee.
  2. Scientist-in-Charge, Building Dynamics Laboratory, CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee.
  3. Member of Civil Construction and Maintenance activities of CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee.
  4. Member of AcSIR Evaluation committee at CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee
  5. Institute Structural Engineer for design of structures in CSIR-CBRI, CSIR-IIP, Dehradun campus.
  6. Member of the Departmental administrative committees at CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee.

Professional Affiliations:

  1. Member, International Masonry Society (IMS), UK.
  2. Fellow, Indian Society of Earthquake Technology (ISET)
  3. Life Member, Institution of Engineers (India).
  4. Life Member, Indian Association of Structural Engineering
  5. Life Member, Indian Concrete Institute.

Organizational Activities (at CSIR-CBRI):

  1. Chairman, CSIR-CBRI Website Development Committee.
  2. Coordinator, short term course on ‘Seismic Analysis, Design & Retrofitting of Buildings’ – 2004, 2007, 2010, 2011.
  3. Coordinator, Brainstorming Session & Industrial Meet’ for Research activities at CSIR-CBRI under 12th Five Year Plan, 2015.
  4. Coordinator of an Expert Group (DST-SERC) Meeting for project evaluation/monitoring, 2013, 2014.
  5. Coordinator of an Expert Group (DST: IC-IMPACT) Meeting for project evaluation, 2015.

Awards & Honours:

  1. Awarded ‘Diamond Jubilee Research Paper Award by CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee for best Research Publication for the year 2016-17, Feb. 2017.
  2. Awarded ‘Eminent Engineers Award 2015 by Uttarakhand State Center of The Institution of Engineers, Dehradun’, Dec. 2016.
  3. Awarded ‘Ph.D’ Structural Engineering by Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Thesis topic: ‘Performance Evaluation of Confined Masonry Buildings under lateral cyclic loadings’, May 2015.

Current Research Areas:

  1. Confined Masonry Buildings
  2. Experimental Investigations : RC, Masonry Structures
  3. Prefabricated Buildings
  4. Structural Health Monitoring
  5. Seismic Resistant Analysis and Design
  6. Structural Restoration
  7. Masonry Buildings