The activities of DC&E are aimed to meet an important vision of CSIR – “To provide scientific industrial R&D that maximizes the economic, environmental and societal benefits for the people of India”.

Extension Activities

  • To Disseminate S&T through Exhibitions, Awareness camps, Mela, Seminars & Workshops.
  • To Build confidence and Capacity by Live Demonstrations, Skill Development & Trainings.
  • To Develop sustainable partnership through regular liaison with other stake holders.
  • To promote Entrepreneurs by supporting in building infrastructure.
  • To Development and Implement Innovative housing projects involving stake holders & NGOs.
  • To Mobilize committed agencies in production & use of new newer technologies.
  • To Demonstrate region specific technologies and their competitive advantages.
  • To Support State, Industries & NGOs in creation of permanent facilities for Trainings & Display.

International & Information Management

  • Management of R&D Information, Dissemination and Backward & Forward linkages
  • Management of Scientific & Technical Queries
  • Human Resource Development for Scientists & other staff of the Institute
  • Overseas Collaboration & Deputation

CSIR 800: RSWNET Programme

In order to reach and extend housing technologies to rural poor people, the CSIR in the 11th  five year plan has approved a project Dissemination, Training and Demonstration of Appropriate Rural Housing Technologies for the benefit of Rural, SC/ST, Women, North East & Tribals (RSWNET)under CSIR:800 Rural Development programme. Under the programme, CBRI plans to organize Onsite Training Programmes, Live Demonstrations, Awareness Programmes and Exhibitions all over the country. The interested agencies are invited to participate in organization of SCIR:800 – RSWNET Programmes.

Support Activities

  • Technical Visits & Guidance
  • Advice on Field implementations
  • Response to queries
  • Special Events
  • Vocational Trainings
  • CSIR Youth Leadership in Science (CPYLIS)
  • CSIR Adoption of Schools & Colleges
  • CSIR Motivation of Science Faculty

CBRI Extension Centres

India Habitat Centre
VI Zone, IInd Floor,
Lodi Road, New Delhi 110 003 (India)
Phone: +91-11-24641182
Email: cbricentre @

For further details please contact:

Sh. S. K. Negi
Group Leader
Phone     : +91-1332-283485
Fax         : +91-1332-272272
Email     : sknegicbri [at]