Patents - US
Patent No.Title
US 5573068An apparatus for automatic extinguishment of flammable liquid fires in fixed/floating roof oil storage tanks by dry chemical powder (DCP) fire extinguishant.
US 5548933A fixed roof type flammable liquid storage tank.
Patents Granted - INDIAN
S. NoPatent No.Title
143866Improvements in or relating to soil stabilization.
248923Production of single twisted or twin twisted steel bars.
349353Construction of floors
449880Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete.
551084Improvement in or relating to reinforced concrete construction.
654361Construction of flat or arch roofs or like structures
754907An under reaming tool
855510A process for preparing foamed concrete
955602A brick and block making machine
1058909New foaming agent for the production of low density foamed concrete.
1159630An improved process of making bricks from sticky clays.
1261645A new process for the manufacture of precast doubly curved shell elements for roofs, floors and panel walls.
1362490A process for creating deformations in the cable ducts in pre-stressed concrete structures.
1463865A tensioning screw jack
1566079Improvement in or modification of a tensioning screw jack with particular reference to a pressure measuring device for recording the tension.
1669165A method of making cementitious material from blast furnace slag.
1770030A method of making lightweight aggregate from Indian clays.
1870173Two-wire in chorage grips.
1970479Preparation of a non-shrinking and low expanding cement.
2072639A method of making yellow colored bricks from alluvial soils.
2174184A new process for the manufacture of asbestos cement sheets, tiles and similar materials having improved transverse strength using either chrysotile or amphibole variety of asbestos.
2276018New hydrophobic cement
2378778A method of making chocolate colored bricks from alluvial soils.
2479388A process for the manufacture of Gaylite, a bloated clay aggregate from the silt deposited by river Hooghly.
2582303A guide for making holes with augers.
2685447Heat flow transducer
2791411A new soil sampler
2893575Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of tiles from plastic clays
2995182A torque limiting spanner
3098142An instrument designated as Archo-solslider for making calculations of shadow coverage and values of direct solar radiations on surfaces.
31100676A pressure measuring device
32102675Electronic over-voltage protection device
33105894A process for improvement of strength of asbestos cement products from asbestos fibers and normal Portland cement
34106805A sand sampler
35107058Improved load cell
36107725A tamping machine
37109364Volume change measuring apparatus
38110835New corrosion inhibiting pigment and a paint containing it
39110854New corrosion inhibiting pigment and a paint containing it
40111492A new asbestos sprayer
41112617A unit frame for scaffolding
42115207A flushing cistern
43116928Scaffold hoist (powered)
44117404A new machine manual scaffold hoist for lifting construction material and equipment
45118570A brick extrusion machine
46126179An improved method of constructing compaction piles
47126664An automatic flushing cistern for urinals
48126708A method of electroplating a heat flow meter
49127706A power trowel
50131843A coconut husk chipping machine
51132237Method of making gypsum plaster retarder
52132327Lightweight clay bricks, blocks and tiles for insulation and multi-storied construction
53132445An automatic cutting table
54133518A process for making large size clay products with improved strength
55133778Production of cement clinker from flyash
56134557Improvements in or relating to method of making water permeable drains
57136613Improvements in or relating to hollow concrete units
58137375A technique of constructing thin impermeable diaphragm walls.
59137425Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of asbestos cement products such as sheets, pipes or accessories e.g. pipe-junctions
60137538A device for assessing daylight availability and/or sunlight penetration
61139230Improvements in or relating to making sand-lime type bricks using fly ash
62141977Improvement in or relating to method of strengthening soil by wick/rope made of water permeable material
63143818A process for the preparation of a new fire extinguishing material for extinction of fires in flammable liquids
64143994Pipe boring rig
65145032A sub soil deformeter
66148932A portable device for filling of compressed air in containers suitable for breathing apparatus.
67150816Improvements in or relating to granular piles
68150817A retrievable foundation
69151381A rotary table press for sand-lime bricks
70155159Crack free lime kiln of the vertical masonry shaft type
71156876A combination protection device for over-current and earth leakages at electrical wiring system of civil structures and electrical equipments
72159540An improved boring and skirting device for making skirting type foundations in civil engineering works
73159758Improvements in or relating to improved assemblies of granular piles for the reinforcement of weak soils and the provision of firm settlements - free foundations and process for forming such assemblies
74161452Improved automatic water sprinkler for use as fixed fire protection device
75165155An improved device for jointing precast piles in segments
76165156An improved device for jointing precast concrete piles
77165157An improved device for joining precast piles
78165158An improved device for joining of precast piles
79172047Mini climbing crane
80172108Automatic free fall hammer for SPT and DCPT
81177234An apparatus for automatic extinguishment of flammable liquid fires in fixed / floating roof oil storage tanks by dry chemical powder (DCP) fires extinguishant.
82177235An improved fixed roof flammable liquid storage tank with a fire extinguishing device
83178024An automatic guarded hot plate equipment for the measurement of thermal conductivity of building and insulating materials
84178323A process for preparation of polymeric sulphonates useful as surfactant from cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) or bilawan nut liquid (BNL)
85183628An improved process for the formation of self setting soil slurry piles
86184099An improved process for the preparation of granular pile for reinforcement of week soils and for the providing firm settlement free foundation
87185504An improved process for the formation of mini grouted piles for reinforcement of week soils
88185535A device for casting monolithic containers
89186986A process for the manufacture of a medium density fiberboard based on renewable raw materials
90187931An improved device useful for pollution control in vertical shaft kilns.
91190173Novel alternative building material for acoustical thermal insulation & false ceiling purposes using cellulosic refuge of paper industry & the process for the manufacture thereof
92191621A process for the preparation of extract from Zenthoxylum alatum (family: rutaceae) having termite resistant properties and termite resistant formulation prepared using the said extract
93195175An improved  process for the manufacture of natural fibre based composite laminates useful for making plain/corrugated sheets and products thereof
94196927A composition useful as flame retardant and smoke for plasticizer PVC
95215103A novel molding composition a process for making industrial products thereof and industrial product made thereby
96215661A herbal based formulation useful as termite resistant coating for substrates
97215676Improved process for purification of phosphogypsum
98216750A process for production of reactive silica
99219632Improved process for making pulp from fibrious biomass useful for making paper and paper made therefrom.
100226275A composition for making cementitious binders based on high fly ash content, clay pozzolana and other mineral or industrial wastes for use in cement mortars and concrete
101226284A composition for making high strength anhydrite plaster from by-product phospho and flurogypsum and flooring tiles made therefrom
102231647A device for shaping flyash lime/ cement brick
103232132A device useful as a concrete block maker
104232333A device for efficient air pollution control in brick kilns
105237111A process for making slag-lime-sand bricks
106275932A process for the manufacture of Rice husk Thermoplastic Composits useful for making extruded sheets/profiles
107277636A process for the manufacture of pine needle is ocyanate prepolymer composite boards and products thereof
108306940Grooved Building Blocks Wall for Concealed Utility Services
109305105A Device Useful for Making Horizontal Bores under the Ground
110350586A Room Temperature Cured by flyash based Geopolymer Composition for Concrete & Building Material & A process for manufacturing the same
111382708An Improved process for the preparation of building boards and panels from plywood/veneer industry waste
112421499An Improved Process for The Preparation of Silica Nanoparticles for Applications In Cement Based Materials
Patents Filed
S. NoTitle of PatentApplication No
1Three Dimensional Deformometer: For Measurement of Displacement Response of Masonry Prisms Along 3-Axes0444DEL2015
2A process for the preparation of an anti-termite barrier for new buildings201611000547
3A pullout device for soil nails & anchors201611022643
4Optical based velocity sensor for measuring instantaneous velocity of a dropping object201611022642
5Translucent concrete composition using pre-treated plastic optical fibers and a process thereof201611042095
6Method for strengthening coal pillars to improve underground coal recovery201911048284
7Round Boulders Mortar (RBM) Units and Production Method Thereof201911012435
8An end openable helical anchor and the mechanism thereof201911008656
10A hybrid robotic device and method for climbing with multiple degrees of freedom201911052507
11Air Disinfection and Purification System for Indoor Applications202111028079
12Embedded Smart Sensing Device and Method of Measuring Early-Stage Concrete Hydration202111032079
13A Composition for Desert Sand Bio-Bricks and A Process for The Preparation Thereof202111045111