Patents - US
S. No.Grant DatePatent No.TitleInventor
112-11-1996US 5573068AApparatus for extinguishing fires in oil storage tanksTribhuvan P. Sharma, B. B. Lal, Jagbir Singh, R. S. Chimote
227-08-1996US 5548933A fixed roof type flammable liquid storage tank.Tribhuvan P. Sharma, R. S. Chimote
Patents Granted - INDIAN
S. No.Grant DatePatent No.TitleInventor
130-11-2023475564A pullout device for soil nails & anchorsManojit Samanta, Mahesh Sharma, Shantanu Sarkar, Ajay Dwivedi
221-11-2023470920A process for the preparation of an anti-termite barrier for new buildingsBirendra Singh Rawat, Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya, Ashok Kumar, Surender Kumar Negi
331-10-2023463822Translucent concrete composition using pre-treated plastic optical fibers and a process thereofBrajeshwar Singh, Humaira Athar, Richa Singh
423-03-2023426391A Room Temperature Cured Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete Pave Mix and Processes thereofMritunjaya Malik; Subodh Kumar Saxena; Prakash Satya; Piyush Srivastav,; Narendra Soni; Brajeshwar Singh; Ishwarya Ganesan; Humaira Athar; Rakesh Paswan; Md. Reyazur Rahman; Sandhya Deshwal; Jeeshan Khan and Sanjeew Kumar Singh
514-02-2023421499An Improved Process for the Preparation of Silica Nanoparticles for Applications in Cement Based MaterialsLok Pratap Singh, Srinivasarao Naik B, Usha Sharma, Dilshad Ali, Inderjeet Tyagi
625-11-2021382708An Improved Process for the Preparation of Building Boards and Panels from Plywood/ Veneer industry WasteSubodh Prakash Agarwal, Rajni Lakhani
731-10-2020350586A Room Temperature Cured Fly ash Based Geopolymer Composition for Concrete and Building Materials and A Process thereofBrajeshwar Singh, Ganesan Ishwarya, Sriman Bhattacharya Kumar
806-02-2019306940Grooved Building Blocks for Concealed Utility ServicesRakesh Kumar, Tribhuvan Kumar Pati, Suvir Singh, Brij Bhushan Lal, Ahmed Abdul Aziz Ansari, Sushil Kumar
928-12-2018305105A Device Useful for Making Horizontal Bores Under the GroundDinesh Kumar Gautam, Narendra Kumar, Saroj Kumar Panigrahi, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Sameer
1028-11-2016277636A Process for the Manufacture of Pine Needle- Isocyanate Prepolymer Composite Boards/Panels and Products thereofBrajeshwar Singh, Manorama Gupta, Monika Chauhan, Naseeba Khatoon
1127-09-2016275932A Process for the Manufacture of Rice Husk-thermoplastic Composites, Composites Made thereby for Making Extruded Sheets / Profiles and Products thereofBrajeshwar Singh, Manorama Gupta
1218-08-2010242187A Water Reducing Agent form Coal Tar WasteSuresh Kumar Agarwal
1304-12-2009237111A Process for Making Slag-Lime Sand BricksSK Malhotra, SP Tehri, CL Verma
1416-03-2009232333A Device for Efficient Air Pollution Control in Bride KilnsRangachar Narayan Iyengar, Ashok Kumar Gupta, Chaman Lal Verma, Ram Gopal Gupta, Epbraim Samuel Hiralal, Surendra Kumar, Ashwani Kumar Minocha, Shivappa Himesh
1515-03-2009232132A Device Useful as A Concrete BlockmakerJagadish Prasad Kaushish, Bhaginan Dass, Dinesh Kumar Gautam, Mahendra Pal
1607-03-2009231647A Device for Shaping Flyash - Lime / Cement BricksRN Iyengar, RL Gupta, ES Hiralal, SK Jain, RK Manglik
1716-12-2008226275Compositions for Making Cementitious Binders Based on High Flyash Content, Clay Pozzolana and Other industrial Wastes for Use in Cement Mortar and Concrete.M Singh, M Garg , CL Verma, KK Somani
1816-12-2008226284A Composition for Making High Strength Anhydrite Plaster from by-Product Phospho and Flurogypsum and Flooring Files Made therefromManjit Singh, Mridul Garg
1912-05-2008219632An Improved Process for Making Pulp from Fibres Bio-Mass Useful for Making Paper and Paper Made therefromSubodh prakash Agarwal, Rajendra Singh Rawat, Rajesh Kumar
2019-03-2008216750A Process for Production of Reactive SilicaRagachar Narayana Iyengar, Jitendra Mohan Bhatnagar, Jaswinder Singh
2129-02-2008215661A Herbal formulation Useful as Termite Resistant Coating for SubstratesYudhvir Singh, Birendra Singh Rawat
2229-02-2008215676An Improved Process for Purification of PhosphogypsumManjit Singh
2321-02-2008215103A Novel Moulding Composition, A Process for Making industrial Products thereof and industrial Products Made therebyDr. Brajeshwar Singh, Dr. Manorama Gupta, Ms. Anchal Verma
2429-12-2006195175An Improved Process for the Manufacture of Natural Fibre Based Composite Laminates Useful for Making Plain Corrugated Sheets and Products thereofDr. Brajeshwar Singh, Dr. Manorama Gupta, Ms. Anchal Verma
2504-08-2006196927A Composition Useful as A Flame Retardant & Smoke Suppressant for Plasticized PVCSK Sharma
2630-06-2004191621A Process for the Preparation of An Extract from Zanthoxylum Alatum (Family: Rutaceae) Having Termite Resistant Properties and A Termite Resistant formulation Prepared Using the Said ExtractYudhvir Singh, Birendra Singh Rawat, Sanjan Singh Nayal
2703-03-2004190173A Novel Alternative Building Material for Acoustic, thermal insulation and False Ceiling Purposes Using Cellulosic Refuge of Paper industries and the Process for the Manufacture thereofSP Agarwal, SK Dolui
2828-02-2003187931An Improved Device Useful for Pollution Control in Vertical Shaft KilnsCL Verma, SK Jain, M Aslam, RK Yadav
2902-08-2002186986A Process for the Manufacture of a Medium Density Fibre Board Based On Renewable Raw Materials.SP Agarwal, SK Dolui
3024-02-2001185535A Device for Casting Monolithic ContainersSultan Singh Jain, Jamshed Ahmed, Sneh Lata Khanduja, Arjun Dev Gadh
3117-08-2001185504An Improved Process for the formation of A Mini Grouted Pile for Reinforcement of Weak SoilsBG Rao ,AK Sharma
3229-12-2000184099An Improved Process for the Preparation of Granular Pile for Reinforcement of Weak Soils and for Providing Firm Settlement Free FoundationBG Rao
3315-09-2000183628An Improved Process for the formation of Self Setting Soil Slurry PilesBG Rao ,DK Jain ,SK Jain
3428-11-1997178323A Process for the Preparation of Polymeric Sulphonates Useful as Surfactant from Cashewnut Shell Liquid (CNSl) Or Bilawan Nut Liquid (BNL)TC Pathak ,SK Agarwal
3510-10-1997178024An Automatic Guarded Hot Plate Equipment for the Measurement of thermal Conductivity of Building and insulating MaterialsKN Agarwal ,VV Verma
3630-05-1997177235A Fixed Roof Type Flammable Liquid Storage TankTP Sharma ,RS Chimote
3730-05-1997177234An Apparatus for Automatic Extinguishment of Flammable Liquid Fires in Fixed/Floating Roof Oil Storage Tanks by Dry Chemical Powder (DLP) Fire ExtinguishantTP Sharma ,BB Lal ,J Singh ,RS Chimote
3813-04-1994172108Automatic Free Fall HammerJP Kaushish ,DK Gautam ,VS Aggrawal ,M Pal
3925-03-1994172047Mini Climbing CraneJP Kaushish ,B Dass ,SK Saini ,DK Gautam
4023-03-1990165158An Improved Device for Joining of Precast PilesRK Bhandari, MP Jain, AK Sharma
4123-03-1990165157Improved Device for Joining Precast PilesRK Bhandari, MP Jain, AK Sharma
4223-03-1990165156An Improved Device for Joining Precast Concrete PilesRK Bhandari, MP Jain, AK Sharma
4323-03-1990165155An Improved Device for Joining Precast Piles in SegmentsRK Bhandari, MP Jain, AK Sharma
4416-09-1988161452Improved Automatic Water Sprinkler for Use as Fixed Fire Protection DeviceG Krishan, AK Gupta, SB Gupta
45——159758Improvements in or relating to improved assemblies of granular piles for the reinforcement of weak soils and the provision of firm settlements - free foundations and process for forming such assemblies——
46——159540An improved boring and skirting device for making skirting type foundations in civil engineering works——
47——156876A combination protection device for over-current and earth leakages at electrical wiring system of civil structures and electrical equipments——
48——155159Crack free lime kiln of the vertical masonry shaft type——
49——151381A rotary table press for sand-lime bricks——
50——150817A retrievable foundation——
51——150816Improvements in or relating to granular piles——
52——148932A portable device for filling of compressed air in containers suitable for breathing apparatus.——
53——145032A sub soil deformeter——
54——143994Pipe boring rig——
55——143818A process for the preparation of a new fire extinguishing material for extinction of fires in flammable liquids——
56——141977Improvement in or relating to method of strengthening soil by wick/rope made of water permeable material——
57——139230Improvements in or relating to making sand-lime type bricks using fly ash——
58——137538A device for assessing daylight availability and/or sunlight penetration——
59——137425Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of asbestos cement products such as sheets, pipes or accessories e.g. pipe-junctions——
60——137375A technique of constructing thin impermeable diaphragm walls.——
61——136613Improvements in or relating to hollow concrete units——
62——134557Improvements in or relating to method of making water permeable drains——
63——133778Production of cement clinker from flyash——
64——133518A process for making large size clay products with improved strength——
65——132445An automatic cutting table——
66——132327Lightweight clay bricks, blocks and tiles for insulation and multi-storied construction——
67——132237Method of making gypsum plaster retarder——
68——131843A coconut husk chipping machine——
69——127706A power trowel——
70——126708A method of electroplating a heat flow meter——
71——126664An automatic flushing cistern for urinals——
72——126179An improved method of constructing compaction piles——
73——118570A brick extrusion machine——
74——117404A new machine manual scaffold hoist for lifting construction material and equipment——
75——116928Scaffold hoist (powered)——
76——115207A flushing cistern——
77——112617A unit frame for scaffolding——
78——111492A new asbestos sprayer——
79——110854New corrosion inhibiting pigment and a paint containing it——
80——110835New corrosion inhibiting pigment and a paint containing it——
81——109364Volume change measuring apparatus——
82——107725A tamping machine——
83——107058Improved load cell——
84——106805A sand sampler——
85——105894A process for improvement of strength of asbestos cement products from asbestos fibers and normal Portland cement——
86——102675Electronic over-voltage protection device——
87——100676A pressure measuring device——
88——98142An instrument designated as Archo-solslider for making calculations of shadow coverage and values of direct solar radiations on surfaces.——
89——95182A torque limiting spanner——
90——93575Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of tiles from plastic clays——
91——91411A new soil sampler——
92——85447Heat flow transducer——
93——82303A guide for making holes with augers.——
94——79388A process for the manufacture of Gaylite, a bloated clay aggregate from the silt deposited by river Hooghly.——
95——78778A method of making chocolate colored bricks from alluvial soils.——
96——76018New hydrophobic cement——
97——74184A new process for the manufacture of asbestos cement sheets, tiles and similar materials having improved transverse strength using either chrysotile or amphibole variety of asbestos.——
98——72639A method of making yellow colored bricks from alluvial soils.——
99——70479Preparation of a non-shrinking and low expanding cement.——
100——70173Two-wire in chorage grips.——
101——70030A method of making lightweight aggregate from Indian clays.——
102——69165A method of making cementitious material from blast furnace slag.——
103——66079Improvement in or modification of a tensioning screw jack with particular reference to a pressure measuring device for recording the tension.——
104——63865A tensioning screw jack——
105——62490A process for creating deformations in the cable ducts in pre-stressed concrete structures.——
106——61645A new process for the manufacture of precast doubly curved shell elements for roofs, floors and panel walls.——
107——59630An improved process of making bricks from sticky clays.——
108——58909New foaming agent for the production of low density foamed concrete.——
109——55602A brick and block making machine——
110——55510A process for preparing foamed concrete——
111——54907An under reaming tool——
112——54361Construction of flat or arch roofs or like structures——
113——51084Improvement in or relating to reinforced concrete construction.——
114——49880Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete.——
115——49353Construction of floors——
116——48923Production of single twisted or twin twisted steel bars.——
117——43866Improvements in or relating to soil stabilization.——
Patents Filed
S. No.Filing DateApplication NoTitleInventor
121-10-2022202211060661An improved process of making cement concrete interlocking paver blocks using Kotastone slurryRajni Lakhani, Rajesh Kumar
221-06-2022202111028079Air Disinfection and Purification System for Indoor ApplicationsNagesh Babu Balam, Tabish Alam, Ashok Kumar, Nishant Raj Kapoor, Chandan Swaroop Meena, Kishor Sitaram Kulkarni, Harry Garg, Supankar Das
304-10-2021202111045111A Composition for Desert Sand Bio-Bricks and A Process for The Preparation ThereofLeena Chaurasia, Dhaval, Farheen Jabeen, Shivam Kamboj
416-07-2021202111032079Embedded Smart Sensing Device and Method of Measuring Early-Stage Concrete HydrationSoju J Alexander, P Sumathi, C Bharathi Priya, R Sreekala, J Prakashvel, N Gopalakrishnan
518-12-2019201911052507A hybrid robotic device and method for climbing with multiple degrees of freedomRavindra Singh Bisht, Pushparaj Mani Pathak, Soraj Kumar Panigrahi
626-11-2019201911048284Method for strengthening coal pillars to improve underground coal recoveryAjay Chourasia,, Pandit Koushik, Jalaj Parashar
729-03-2019201911012435Round Boulders Mortar (RBM) Units and Production Method ThereofAjay Chourasia, S.K Panigrahi, Jalaj Parashar, Shubham Singhal
806-03-2019201911008656An end openable helical anchor and the mechanism thereofManojit Samanta, Ajay Dwivedi, Piyush Punetha, Mahesh Sharma, Shantanu Sarkar
901-07-2016201611022642Optical based velocity sensor for measuring instantaneous velocity of a dropping objectAchal Kumar Mittal, Mickey Mecon Dalbehera, Sachin Kumar
1017-02-20150444DEL2015Three Dimensional Deformometer: For Measurement of Displacement Response of Masonry Prisms Along 3-AxesSriman Kumar Bhattacharyya, Ajay Chourasia, Jalaj Parashar

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