The Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee, India, has been vested with the responsibility of generating, cultivating and promoting building science and technology in the service of the country.

Since it’s inception in 1947, the Institute has been assisting the building construction and building material industries in finding timely, appropriate and economical solutions to the problems of building materials, health monitoring and rehabilitation of structures, disaster mitigation, fire safety, Energy efficient rural and urban housing. The Institute is committed to serve the people through R&D in the development process and maintains linkages at international and national level.

Our Vision

CSIR-CBRI to work as the world-class knowledge base for providing solutions to almost all area of Building construction / Habitat planning and construction including building materials, technology, fire engineering and disaster mitigation.

Our Mission

To carry out R&D on all aspects of building and housing and assist the building industry in solving problems of planning, designing,  found at ions, materials and construction including disaster mitigation in all kinds of buildings.