Underground Horizontal Boring Machine

Autonomous Climbing Robot

C-Brick Machine (Upgraded Version)

Building Products from Kota stone waste

Design of High Draught Brick Kilns with Zig-Zag Setting

Other Available Technologies

  1. Cement based vermaculite tiles
  2. Concrete Block Making Machine
  3. Development of Expansive Mortar for Silent Cracking of Stones
  4. Fire Retardant Water Repellent Canvas
  5. Gypsum-Vermiculite-Fly Ash Light Weight Plaster
  6. Headed bars as mechanical anchorage system in RC beam-column joints
  7. High Draught Kiln for Burning Bricks
  8. High Volume Fly Ash-Gypsum Composite Plaster
  9. Hybrid rebar coupler
  10. IPN coating for the protection of RC structures
  11. Imaging of Hidden Anomalies in Concrete and Stone Masonry Structures using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
  12. Makeshift buildings for hospitals, housing and other purposes
  13. Manufacture of paver block and other building components i.e. Tiles/Bricks from C&D waste
  14. Manufacturing of nano lime
  15. Manufacturing of silica nano particles
  16. Manufacturing of Internal Fuels based Eco-friendly and energy efficient burnt clay bricks
  17. Mini Climbing Crane
  18. Semi-automatic cutting table for extruded clay products
  19. Stationary concrete block maker