OLP Projects

S.No.Project TitlePI / Co-PIDuration
1Innovative Precast Sandwich Panels using Valorized Recycled Concrete Aggregate and Newer Connection Systems.Govind Gaurav / R Siva Chidambaram / Prasanta Kar05-2023 to 05-2025
2Design and Development of Wall-Sticking drone on steel structure Kanti Lal Solanki / Ravindra Singh Bisht / Chandrabhan Patel04-2023 to 03-2025
3Perforated Blade Vertical Axis wind turbine for Enhanced Performance Bharat Singh Chauhan / Debdutta Ghosh04-2023 to 03-2024
4Hazard assessment during Drill & Blast tunneling in rock massShashank Bhatnagar / Manojit Samanta04-2023 to 03-2024
5Effectiveness of contiguous piles in minimizing the surface settlement induced by urban tunnelling in layered soilAswathy.M.S / M. Vinoth04-2023 to 03-2024
6In-situ monitoring of interlayer bonding of 3D printed concrete using piezoelectric transducerSoju J. Alexander / S.K. Phanigrahi04-2023 to 03-2024
7Structural and thermal performance of built-up (BU) section Cold-formed Steel (CFS) wall panels with novel connectionsChanchal Sonkar04-2023 to 03-2024
8Development of innovative composite beam-column connections to resist critical loading in the hybrid constructing system.Prasanta Kar / R Siva Chidambaram / Govind Gaurav04-2023 to 03-2024
9Rejuvenation and Exhortation of traditional Constructional technologies and techniques in Garhwal Region of UttarakhandNaveen Nishant / Ashish Pippal04-2023 to 03-2024
10Development of Performance Improved Cost Effective Lime Based Wall Putty Incorporated with PVA & Calcium Carbide ResidueSandeep Gupta / Rajesh Kumar / L.P. Singh04-2023 to 03-2024
11Development of Fire Retardant/Resistant Temporary Shelters/Huts for Rann of Kutch Poor Salt Workers Harpal Singh / A. Aravind Kumar10-2022 to 09-2023
12Design and development of standalone IoT based radiant cooling unit coupled with earthenware heat rejection and mini DOSV Chakradhar / Chandrabhan Patel07-2022 to 08-2023
13Development of framework for controlled building destruction of tall structures using numerical techniqueSuman Kumar / Debdutta Ghosh09-2022 to 08-2023
14Design and development of thermoelectric module system for conditioning a 1m x 1m model space with improved coefficient of performance.Chandrabhan Patel / V Chakradhar08-2022 to 07-2023
15Development and commercialization of valorized lime sludge through environmental friendly low cost building productsS. K. Singh08-2022 to 07-2023
16Development of green sustainable composite building material using biocharHemlata / Srinivasarao Naik B08-2022 to 07-2023
17Study and development of agro-waste based gypsum blocks for non-load bearing indoor applicationSiddharth / Ravindra Singh Bisht07-2022 to 06-2023
18Development of CO2 sequestrated artificial aggregate using fly ash and lime sludgeL.P. Singh / Humaira Athar06-2022 to 05-2023
19Preparation of Book on “Understanding Codes for Life Safety Components” in design of buildingsShorab Jain08-2022 to 02-2023

MLP Projects

S. No.Project TitlePI / Co-PIDuration
1Pre-commercialization feasibility studies and building integration of multifunctional dynamic window panelsKishore S. Kulkarni Apr. 2023 - Mar. 2025
2A multi usable self-rescue descent device to escape from high rise buildings during disastersS.K. Panigrahi / R.S. Bisht Aug. 2022 - Jul. 2023
3Commercialization of technology on manufacturing of internal fuels based eco-friendly and energy efficient burnt clay bricksNeeraj Jain / L.P. Singh Sep. 2022 - Aug. 2023
4Development of low toxicity fire retardant intumescent coating for steel and GI duct applicationsA. Aravind Kumar / Rakesh Kumar Sep. 2022 - Sep. 2024
5Development and trials of a gantry robot for 3D concrete printingR.S. Bisht / S.K. PanigrahiAug. 2022 - Jul. 2024
6Development of Strengthening and Retrofitting Technique for RC Structures using Hybrid Textile ReinforcementR. Siva Chidambaram / Prasanta KarAug. 2022 - Jul. 2024

Last Updated on May 16, 2023