The Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) division performs as the main center of the institute for effective planning, monitoring, evaluation and project budgeting of all the R&D and externally funded projects.

PME monitors the monthly, quarterly progress of the research activities of the institute and forward it to CSIR upon compilation. PME also regularly maintains the project folder of all the projects and records the progress made in the R&D projects, both physical and financial, recommendations of internal monitoring committees, Research Council, Management Council, and completion reports of the projects. The important technical publications such as the annual plan and five-year plan documents are brought out by this division.

The PME division of CBRI primarily addresses three issues simultaneously for each evaluation: (a) the type of science we do i.e. the science-system, which develops the technologies, (b) the social organization of the science or the organizational system that supports the research, and (c) adapting and learning system. Evaluation of a project is basically through three factors i.e. performance, cost and time. A proper evaluation helps judge merit or worth of the project, improve and generate knowledge. A constructive evaluation enables research teams to learn and make project adjustments during implementation, and revise objectives and methods so that the project makes a real contribution to development. Monitoring and evaluation is the key to the adaptive project management and reflective learning.

PME provides assistance to the project team / project leaders in estimating the cost of inputs in terms of manpower, material, capital and other items. It assists the management in allocating the resources to different projects / activities based on the Zero Based Budget System. It coordinates with different sections namely Finance, Purchase, Administration and R&D divisions for the compilation of project-wise allocation and expenditure, and also monitors the R&D progress through conducting quarterly evaluation of each in-house R&D project. The division is also responsible for negotiation and drafting of various kinds of agreements related to projects sponsored by outside agencies.


The PME Division mainly contributes to accomplish the following important tasks:

  • To maintain individual folders for all the R&D and consultancy projects.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress made in the projects.
  • Ease in modification / scheduling of the project in view of changing priorities, fast developments on technologies.
  • Indicators to best use of resources (Human & Financial Resources).
  • Review and allocate financial resources to projects on ZBB system.
  • Preparation of Five Year Plan & Annual Plan documents for the institute.
  • Assisting laboratory in negotiations and drafting of agreements for contracting projects.
  • Manpower deployment and APAR

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