Task 2.5: Development of prefab RC shear wall systems and evaluation of their lateral load resistance

Task Leader(s): Dr. Ajay Chourasia, Ms. Shermi C


  • Development of prefab RC shear wall –column system to resist seismic forces

Description of Task:

Precast concrete walls are in practice, particularly in seismic-prone regions where buildings must be designed to withstand large lateral forces. Such RC walls are normally connected vertically to precast RC column/wall and horizontally to precast RC beam or foundation.  There are instances of satisfactory behavior and failures of precast walls in past earthquakes.  The main reason of damage primarily lies in the failure of connections and insufficient ductility of precast systems, leading to early crushing of concrete and low deformation capacity of the system.  Despite the vast variety of feasible structural schemes and solutions used in precast concrete frames, the seismic response of all of them greatly depends on the behavior of the connection system, and the key role played by proper design and detailing of the joints.

The past research on the seismic behaviour of precast shear wall panels is limited to the evaluation of their individual walls, neglecting their possible global behaviour. Thus, there is a need for development of innovative and efficient connection mechanism between precast RC Wall/column/beam and its experimental validation.


Innovative and efficient connections for precast RC wall – column – beam