1. A process for the preparation of an extract from Zenthoxylum alatum having termite resistant properties and a termite resistant formulation prepared using the said extract
  2. Acid Resistant Cement – New Formulation
  3. Acrylic water based coating for the protection of concrete structures.
  4. An improved process for the manufacture of natural fibre based composite laminated useful for making plain/corrugated sheets
  5. Ambient cured Geopolymer for making concrete and building materials
  6. Asbestos Sprayer
  7. Auger Boring Guide
  8. Automatic Flushing Cistern for Urinals
  9. Automatic Free Fall Hammer for SPT & DCPT
  10. Automatic Reel Cutting Table for Bricks
  11. Beneficiation of phospho-gypsum
  12. Bored Compaction Piles
  13. Boring and Skirting Machine
  14. Brick or Block making machine
  15. Brick Making Machine (extrusion type)
  16. Bricks from inferior soil/industrial waste
  17. Brunt clay flyash bricks
  18. Building products from Kota stone waste
  19. Cable Fire Stop System
  20. Calcination of Dolomite for Use in Oxychloride Cement
  21. Calfire – A user friendly software for calculating compartment fire
  22. C-Brick Machine
  23. C-Brick machine – capacity 5000 bricks per 8 hours shift
  24. Cement based vermaculite tiles
  25. Cement Coconut Pith Concrete
  26. Cement Paint
  27. Charging Device for Lime Kiln
  28. Coir-CNSL Board
  29. Concrete Block Making Machine
  30. Concrete Block Making Machine (Hydraulic)
  31. Design of High Draught Brick Kilns with zig-zag setting
  32. Development of Expansive Mortar for Silent Cracking of Stones
  33. Direct Foam Injection (DFI) Technology for the Petroleum Oil Tank Fire Safety
  34. Door and Window Frames from Magnesium Oxychloride Cement and Saw Dust
  35. Dual Flushing Cistern
  36. Energy Efficient Gypsum Calcinator
  37. Engineering Bricks/Paving Bricks and Acid Resistant Bricks
  38. Epoxy cardinal IPN protective system for steel structures.
  39. Epoxy Phenolic IPN System for Protection of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete
  40. Epoxy Phenolic IPN coating based on CNSL for the protection of concrete and steel reinforcement in concrete
  41. Epoxy Phenolic IPNet-RB Coating for Steel Reinforcement in RCC
  42. Epoxy cardinal coating system for protection of concrete and steel structures.
  43. EPS Door Shutters
  44. Exfoliation of Vermiculite / Fluidised Bed Furnace
  45. Expansion Joint Filler from CNSL and Coconut Pith
  46. Fibrous Gypsum Plaster Boards
  47. Fire Blocking Layer for Aircraft Seat Cushions
  48. Fire doors and partitions
  49. Fire Retardant Paint
  50. Fire Retardant Water Repellent Canvas
  51. Fire Retardant water based clear/transparent coating for wood and wood based interiors
  52. First Aid Chemical Foam Fire Extinguisher
  53. Flooring Tiles from waste Gypsum
  54. Flooring Tiles from Fluro-Gypsum
  55. Flyash-Sand-Lime Bricks
  56. Formulation of High Strength Plaster from Fluorogypsum
  57. Formulation of Flooring Tiles from Fluoro-gypsum
  58. General Purpose and Heavy Duty Flooring Tiles from Magnesium Oxychloride Cement & Saw Dust
  59. Gravitational settling chamber for efficient pollution control in fixed chimney brick kilns
  60. Gypsum-Vermiculite-Fly Ash Light Weight Plaster
  61. Heat Flow Transducer
  62. Headed bars as mechanical anchorage system in RC beam-column joints
  63. High Draught Kiln for Burning Bricks
  64. High Strength Plaster from Fluro-Gypsum
  65. High Volume Fly Ash-Gypsum Composite Plaster
  66. Horizontal boring machine for making underground bores
  67. Hybrid rebar coupler
  68. Impermeable Cut Off Walls
  69. Improved Kiln for Burning of Limestone
  70. IPN coating for the protection of RC structures
  71. In-situ flooring composition for railway coaches
  72. Imaging of Hidden Anomalies in Concrete and Stone Masonry Structures using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
  73. Kettle for Manufacture of Gypsum Plaster
  74. Laying of Foamed Concrete on Curved Surfaces
  75. Lightweight Clay Bricks, Blocks and Tiles
  76. Lightweight cellular panels for building construction
  77. Lightweight Sandwich Panel usig Paper Industry Waste
  78. Lime Concrete Tamping Machine
  79. Lime Hydrating Machine
  80. Lime Sludge Based Masonry Cements
  81. Liquid Extinguishment Fire Extinguisher
  82. Low Heat Sulphate Resistant (LHSR) cement from non-conventional materials
  83. Makeshift buildings for hospitals, housing and other purposes
  84. Manual Scaffold Hoist
  85. Manufacture of paver block and other building components i.e. Tiles/Bricks from C&D waste
  86. Manufacturing of nano lime
  87. Manufacturing of silica nano particles
  88. Manufacturing of Internal Fuels based Eco-friendly and energy efficient burnt clay bricks
  89. Mechanised Pan System for Calcination of Gypsum
  90. Metallic Composite Fire Door for Two Hours
  91. Micro data cabinet
  92. Mini Climbing Crane
  93. Modified Tensioning Screw Jack
  94. Modified epoxy cardinol coating system for protection of concrete structures
  95. Multi-Blend cement utilizing Industrial wastes
  96. Natural fibre composite panels/doors
  97. New Foaming Agent
  98. Paper Roofing Boards
  99. Plant for shaping of building bricks from inferior soils/Industrial waste by extrusion process
  100. Plaster Boards from Gypsum
  101. Plastic Composite Panels, Claddings, Flush Doors, etc.
  102. Plastic Masonry Paint
  103. Pollution control unit for vertical shaft lime kilns
  104. Polycem Tiles
  105. Polytiles
  106. Powered Scaffold Hoist
  107. Pressure Measuring Device
  108. Production of Solid Pre-stressed Concrete Poles Employing Direct Electric Curing
  109. Rapid Setting Lime Plaster
  110. Rigid PVC Foam Board
  111. Roof cooling device
  112. Roofing sheet from wood wool or coir waste and portland cement
  113. Rice Husk Plastic Composites
  114. Sand-lime Bricks
  115. Sealant for Joints and Cracks Based on CNSL
  116. Semi-automatic cutting table for extruded clay products
  117. Semi-mechanised Brick Making Machine
  118. Spliced Piles
  119. Silicate Based Waterproofing Formulation
  120. Simultaneous Fiberisation of Fibres in Asbestos
  121. Sintered Lightweight Flyash Aggregate
  122. Skirted Granular Pile Foundation
  123. Small Soil Pressure Cell
  124. Soil Sampler
  125. Solar Timber Seasoning Kiln
  126. Solar Water Heater (Domestic & Industrial Model)
  127. Stationary concrete block maker
  128. Standalone UV Air Disinfection System for Rooms and Spaces
  129. Sub-soil Deformeter
  130. Tensioning Screw Jack
  131. Thermoplastic natural fibre moulding materials
  132. Thermal Insulated Vermiculite Tiles
  133. Ultrasonic Concrete Tester
  134. Under-reaming Tool
  135. Unit Frame Scaffolding
  136. Urethanized bitumen system for waterproofing of roofs
  137. Warping of Clay Tiles – Prevention of
  138. Water and Weather Proof Resin Composition Based on CNSL
  139. Water based epoxy system for concrete structures
  140. Water permeable drains
  141. Waterproofing System for Exposed Brick Masonry and Lime Concrete Surfaces
  142. Wood Wool Boards