ASCD Group has been created with an aim to develop advanced structural materials and composites for building applications through research, development and innovation (RD&I). At the same time the focus is on enhancing durability and sustainability of buildings. To address the durability issues materials & technologies that are more resilient towards various loadings and extreme exposure conditions are being developed. Some of these are multifunctional coatings, cathodic protection (CP), cathodic prevention (CPre), corrosion inhibitors, chemical admixtures, composite strengthening & grid confinement systems, hybrid rebar couplers and precast concrete joint systems. Whilst the sustainable materials for building structures are based on agro-forestry wastes (such as hemp concrete), construction & demolition (C&D) wastes and industrial wastes (red mud, fly ash, slag etc.). The Group has adequate expertise along with active participation of young scientists & students supported by state-of-art test facilities. The scientists in the ASCD Group also undertake various testing assignments & investigation works on health assessment of structures and repair, retrofitting and protection.

Major R&D Areas

  • Static/Cyclic Behavior of RC Structures
  • High Performance Composite Materials and Their Structural Applications
  • Affordable Damper for Structural Applications
  • Innovative Retrofitting Techniques
  • Collapsible Structure, Make Shift Structure
  • Corrosion Control Materials & Techniques
  • Agro-industrial Waste Utilization
  • C&D Waste based Building Products
  • Sustainable Materials in Construction
  • Nano Fibers in Concrete Composites
  • Cold Weather Concreting
  • Polymer Concrete and its Application
  • Protective and decorative coatings and finishes
  • Water proofing systems for building applications
  • Health assessment of existing structures and preventive measures for service life enhancement.
  • Suitability assessment of materials for specific end applications
  • Performance evaluation of alternative and conventional building materials for quality control and improvements



  • Hybrid Rebar Couplers (Licensed)
  • IPN Protective Coating for Concrete Structures (commercialized)
  • Cathodic Protection for RC Structures (demo)
  • Seismic Resistant Precast Connections (Demo)
  • Foldable Housing Systems (Demo)
  • Eco-friendly Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Bricks & Blocks from C&D Wastes


State-of-art infrastructure is available for carrying out all the developmental and support activities.

  • Computer controlled Universal Testing Machines of 1000 kN capacity
  • Reverse Cyclic Testing Facility (Displacement Control)
  • Uni-directional Shake table (1 m x 1 m)
  • Static (Displacement controlled) testing Facility
  • Loading Frame for Structural Elements (700 kN Capacity)
  • Reaction Frame of Height 5 m (700 kN capacity)
  • Pre-stressing Frame of 200 kN Capacity
  • Punching Shear Test Facility for Slabs/Wall Panels
  • Diagonal Shear Test for Wall Panels
  • Flexural Testing Facility
  • ACM Field Machine for Corrosion Monitoring
  • Corrosion cabinet
  • XRe Corrosion Analyser
  • Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)
  • Semi-adiabatic Calorimeter
  • Half Cell Potentiometer
  • Resistivity Meter
  • NDT Equipment for Concrete Structures
  • Deep freezer


ASCD Group has linkages / sponsorship of projects from NTPC, Indian Railways, UJVN, KRIBHCO, TCIL, NITTTR, Krishna Conchem, Green Jams Infra LLP, Sunanda Specialty Coatings, Malati Fine Chemicals, ACC Cements, Advanced Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd. etc.


  • High Strength & High Performance Cement based Composites
  • Composites for 3D Printed Concrete
  • Affordable Damper for Seismic Strengthening
  • Alternative Sustainable Building Materials
  • Textile Reinforced Concrete
  • Predefined Cracking Mechanism for Structural Application
  • Collapsible Structure /Make Shift Structure
  • Rebar Couplers for structural Application
  • Grid Confinement for RC / Masonry Strengthening
  • Precast Connection with Seismic Resistant Capacity
  • Composites with Natural and Man-made Fibers for Structural Applications
  • Agro-industrial waste utilization for value added building Products
  • Protective Coatings with Depollution Abilities
  • Chemical Admixtures with Improved Performance
  • Bullet Proof Concrete
  • AI for Developing High Performance Structural Materials

For further details contact:

Dr. S. R. Karade
Group Leader
Advanced Structural Composites & Durability Group
Phone : +91-1332-283463
Fax : +91-1332-272272
Email : srkarade [at]