NameRavindra Singh Bisht
Date of Birth01.12.1985,
Present DesignationPrincipal Scientist
GroupConstruction Automation and Robotics (CAR)

Educational Attainments

Degree / DiplomaMain SubjectUniversity/Institution with DistinctionCountryYear of Passing
B.E.Mechanical EngineeringKEC Dwarahat, Almora (Uttarakhand)India2008
M.Tech.Mechanical EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology, KanpurIndia2010
Ph.D.RoboticsIndian Institute of Technology, RoorkeeIndia2022


a) Main Area of SpecializationMechanical Engineering
b) Sub-area of SpecializationConstruction Mechanization, Automation and Robotics

Countries visited in connection with higher studies, research training, employment and other scientific assignments:

Country visitedPurposeFromTo
Publications and Patents
Current Publications (2012 onwards):

  • S. Singh,  S. Maiti,  R. S. Bisht, S. K. Panigrahi,  & S. Yadav (2024). Large CO2 reduction and enhanced thermal performance of agro-forestry, construction and demolition waste based fly ash bricks for sustainable construction. Scientific Reports, 14(1), 8368.
  • S. K. Panigrahi, C. Patel, A. Chourasia & R. S. Bisht (2024). Cross-correlation difference matrix based structural damage detection approach for building structures. Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring, 1-15.
  • R. Sahai, R. S. Bisht, N. K.Malviya, S. Kumar, S. Singh, S. K. Panigrahi. “Aspects of Waste Material Utilization and 3D Concrete Printer Development Approach: A Review” in Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering, 2024.
  • R. S. Bisht, S. Kaushik, M. Uniyal, C. Patel, K. L. Solanki. Design analysis, motion planning and development of an inchworm-inspired biped wall climbing robot. In “Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Recent Advances in Machines, Mechanisms and Design: Select Proceedings of iNaCoMM-2023.”
  • R. Sahai, R. S. Bisht, S. Kumar, S. Singh, & S. K. Panigrahi, (2023). Modelling and Simulation of 3-D Printed Concrete Layers and Validation Using Gantry Robotic Printer. In “Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Recent Advances in Machines, Mechanisms and Design: Select Proceedings of iNaCoMM-2023.”
  • R. S. Bisht, D. Kumar, N. Garg, V. Kumar, S. Singh, S. Yadav, S. K. Panigrahi, A. Chourasia, Trenchless mechanized inspection and retrofitting strategy for buried sewerage systems, Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research (JSIR), 2023.
  • N. K. Malviya, R. S. Bisht, K. L. Solanki, A. K. Rathore, Design, development and trials of a miniature whegs wall-climbing robot for ferrous structures, NanoWorld Journal, 9(S1): S41-S44, 2023 (IMME 2022 proceedings).
  • R. S. Bisht, K. L. Solanki, D. Kumar, Sameer, S. K. Panigrahi, N. Kumar, A. Chourasia. “Affordable modular mobile crane for multistorey construction”, Proceeding on Innovative and Sustainable Materials & Technologies (ISCMT-2023), 6th Jan 2023, Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi.
  • Singh, S., Dalbehera, M. M., Kumar, A. A., Maiti, S., Balam, N. B., Bisht, R. S., & Panigrahi, S. K. (2023). Elevated temperature and performance behaviour of rice straw as waste bio-mass based foamed gypsum hollow blocks. Journal of Building Engineering69, 106220.
  • Singh, S., Dalbehera, M. M., Maiti, S., Bisht, R. S., Balam, N. B., & Panigrahi, S. K. (2023). Investigation of agro-forestry and construction demolition wastes in alkali-activated fly ash bricks as sustainable building materials. Waste Management, 159, 114-124.
  • N. Malviya, R. Bisht, K. Solanki and A. Rathore. Design, Development and Trials of a Miniature Whegs Wall-climbing Robot for Ferrous Structures, IMME 2022, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad.
  • Singh, S., Maiti, S., Bisht, R.S., Balam, N.B., Solanki, R., Chourasia, A. and Panigrahi, S.K., 2022. Performance behaviour of agro-waste based gypsum hollow blocks for partition walls. Scientific Reports, 12(1), pp.1-16.
  • Bisht R. S., Pathak P.M. and Panigrahi S.K., 2022. Modelling, simulation and experimental validation of wheel and arm locomotion based wall-climbing robot. Robotica, pp.1-37.
  • Bisht R S, Pathak P M, Panigrahi S K. Design and development of a glass façade cleaning robot. Mechanism and Machine Theory. 2022 Feb 1; 168:104585.
  • Bisht R S, Pathak P M, Panigrahi S K. Design analysis of electro-adhesive mechanism for wall-climbing robot. Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines. 2022 Jan 10:1-8.
  • Singh S, Chourasia A, Bisht R S, Yadav S. Thermal and acoustic performance of cement fibreboard and bamboo buildings. IJEMS, Vol.28(5), 2021.
  • Bisht R S, Panigrahi S K, Singh S, Kumar D, Yadav S. Design analysis of a machine for manufacturing of bricks from industrial waste: simulations and experiments. International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM). 2021 Oct 18:1-0.
  • Krishna A, Bisht R S, Panigrahi S K. Dynamic Modelling and Payload Response Analysis of a 3-D Overhead Gantry Crane. In Advances in Systems Engineering 2021 (pp. 189-198). Springer, Singapore. (Online ISBN978-981-15-8025-3)
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  • R. S. Bisht, P. M. Pathak and S.K. Panigrahi, Dynamics and Control of TwoMobile Modules of Climbing Robot Connected by a ManipulatorIn The Proceedings of the Asian Conference on Multibody Dynamics 2016, (ACMD-2016), Kanazawa, Japan, 0710 August, 2016, (
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  • A.K. Pandey and R. S. Bisht, “Numerical Modelling of Infilled Clay Brick Masonry under Blast Loading,” in Proc. of First International Conference on Performance-based and Life-cycle Structural Engineering (PLSE2012), Hong Kong China, 5-7 December 2012.

Scientific Books / Book Chapters: 04


Patents filed / granted: 01

  • R. S. Bisht, P. M. Pathak, S. K. Panigrahi, “A hybrid robotic device and method for climbing with multiple degrees of freedom” Application no: 201911052507, Date of filing: 18 Dec. 2019, Date of publishing: 15 June, 2021, FER: 27/04/2023, Patent no: 523185, Date of grant: 11/03/2024.

Product Developed: 05


Awards and Distinctions (including fellowships of the learned societies):.

Name of AwardAwarded byAwarded forYear
MHRD scholarshipMHRDM.Tech2008 - 2010
Young scientist awardUttarakhand state council for science and technologyBest oral presentation2013
Diamond Jubilee Technology AwardDirector, CSIR-CBRIBest Technology Award2018
Young Scientist jury awardIISFBest poster presentation2019
Diamond Jubilee Technology AwardDirector, CSIR-CBRIBest Technology Award2020
Professional Experience:

Research and Development experience since August, 2010 in the areas of  Design and development of construction machinery/ robotics at CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee.

Teaching experience in AcSIR since Academic Year 2018-19 for teaching the following subjects:

  • Automation in Building Construction
  • Optimization Techniques