R&D Areas of the Group

  • Building Materials: Bricks, Lime, Gypsum and their Environmental impact Assessment /monitoring
  • Building Termite/Fungi: R&D efforts towards anti-termite and anti-fungal treatments in buildings
  • Construction Chemicals: Polymer composite, Admixtures, Latex, Polymers, Water Proofing chemicals
  • Materials for Heritage Conservation: Repair materials and coatings(nano lime, anti-fungal coatings, nano-titania coatings)
  • Cement/Concrete Sustainability: Nano-engineered concrete, Bio-Concrete,
  • Waste-to-Wealth: Agro-industrial and metallurgical wastes in developing building Materials synergistically with emphasis on energy and environment, wood without tree etc.
  • New Materials: CO2 Utilisation, 3-D concrete printing, Energy Efficient Materials, Carbon based materials, Low carbon Materials,

Major projects

Dr L.P. Singh / Ms. Humaira Athar

    • CSIR Mission Mode Project: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS): CO2 Utilization in Building Construction.
    • Development of CO2 Sequestered Engineered Aggregates from Fly ash and Industrial Wastes. (SSP-0702)
    • Compatible and Sustainable repair materials: Nano-titania based coatings. (GAP-0311)

Dr B.S. Rawat

    • Bio-efficacy studies of Fipronil 2.92 w/w E.C. (w/v) against subterranean termites for its suitability through Pre-Construction anti-termite treatment. (Part-A) and Bio-efficacy studies of Fipronil 2.92 w/w E.C. (w/v) against subterranean termites for its suitability through Post-Construction anti-termite treatment (Part-B) (SSP-030).
    • Bio-efficacy and persistence evaluation of Isocycloseram 400 SC for subterranean termite management in building (SSP-0882).

Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma

    • Studies for flora diversity on heritage buildings and surface treatment for preservation under “Creation of centre of excellence on heritage structure (GAP-0311).
    • Phenome India CSIR Health Cohart Knowledge base (HCP-0047).

Dr Leena Chaurasia

    • Agro-Industrial Alkali Activated Composites for Pre-Fabricated Building Elements and 3D Volumetric Construction with financial support of MOUHA.

Dr Neeraj Jain / Dr Soumitra Maiti

    • Development of high volume of Fly Ash- Gypsum composite plaster for interior applications (SSP-0093).
    • Stack Monitoring of high Draught Brick Kilns and Determination of pollution Load in Distt. Jhajjar, Haryana (SSP-0162).
    • Commercialization of technology on manufacturing of internal fuels based eco-friendly and energy efficient burnt clay bricks (MLP 022204).
    • Creation of centre of excellence on heritage structure “Compatible and Sustainable repair materials (GAP-0311).

Dr Hemlata / Dr Srinivasarao Naik B.

    • Development of green sustainable composite material using biochar (OLP-2216).

Dr Sandeep Gupta

    • Development of Performance Improved Cost Effective Lime Based Wall Putty Incorporated with PVA & Calcium Carbide Residue (OLP-2203).

For further details please contact:

Dr. B. S. Rawat
Building Materials & Environmental Sustainability Group
Phone     : +91-1332-283271
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