R&D Areas

  • Heritage Structures: Conservation and Retrofitting strategies, Structural analysis & Testing
  • Advanced Non Destructive Evaluation: Contact and non contact based Imaging, Drones, UAVs
  • Building Demolition: Guideline for building implosion, Mechanical demolition
  • Structural Health Monitoring: FBGs and Fibre Optical based SHM, VWSG based monitoring
  • Wind Engineering: Performance testing of building facades/windows, Wind Turbines, Interference Effect
  • Offshore Structures: Safety of vital onshore and offshore structures, Tsunami Shelters

Ongoing Projects

  • Creation of Centre of Excellence on Indian Heritage Structures
  • Development of Framework for Controlled Building destruction s of tall buildings using numerical techniques
  • Perforated blade vertical axis wind turbine for enhanced performance
  • Structural Audit of MAP Buildings at Karam Singh Vihar, Lalgarh Jattan Military Station, Rajasthan
  • Advise on the Waterproofing at Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum, New Delhi
  • Monitoring of Steel Portal Frame in Shree Jagannath Temple Puri Phase-II
  • Technical Review of Projects under Ujjain Smart City Ltd
  • Structural Audit of Towers Chintels Paradiso, Gurgaon

For further details, please contact:

Dr. Achal Kumar Mittal
Heritage & Special Structures Group
Phone : +91-1332-283464
Email : akmittal [at] cbri.res.in