Nodal Laboratories

CSIR-CBRI, being the premier institute of the nation in the areas of building science and technology is continuously providing scientific solution to the problems of the building industry. The institute also provided leadership within the CSIR system in building & construction related projects of national importance such as, Thrust Area Project on alternative building materials, Network Project on development of new building materials and construction technologies and Supra institutional project.

During the 10th Five Year Plan, the institute worked on a major project “New Building Construction Materials and Technologies” under CSIR Mission Mode project and in the 11th Five Year Plan, a Supra Institutional Project (SIP) was undertaken in the area of “High Performance Materials & Construction Technologies”. The output of various activities has been well appreciated at several platforms. Therefore, to continue these activities and to match with the technological progress in this area globally, it is proposed to undertake a Supra Institutional Network Project (SINP) in the similar area in 12th Five Year Plan as well with opening up some innovative research areas like nano-engineered concrete, cement free steel reinforced geopolymer concrete, bio-concrete, multifunctional coatings, green retrofitting and cathodic protection technology.

For last six decades CSIR-CBRI has been engaged in research work on various aspects of building construction. In the process, the institute has developed its core strength in the development of alternative building materials and technologies besides significant contribution in other areas. Over the years, several technologies related to building materials, such as wood substitute building products, protective coatings for concrete & steel structures, bricks from inferior soils, energy efficient brick kilns, brick making machines, building products and components from argillaceous and siliceous industrial wastes etc. have been developed and successfully commercialized. Thus, CSIR-CBRI will maintain its core strength and provide leadership in the area of building materials & technologies. The outcome of the project will have great economic impact on the Nation in terms of cost effective technologies, employment generation and reduction in import.

Participating Laboratory in related area of the proposal

• CSIR-IMT, Chandigargh; will provide its expertise in development of bio concrete.

• IIT Roorkee; will develop model for behavior of granule anchor piles.

• IIT Delhi; will develop model on the behavior of indoor particulate movements.

• Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun; will help in evaluation of geochemical properties.

• Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development and Design Centre, Nagpur will provide    information on red mud.