Date of Birth15.03.1986
E-mailsiddharthsingh [at]
Present DesignationSenior Scientist
GroupConstruction Automation and Robotics (CAR)
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Educational Attainments

Degree / DiplomaMain SubjectUniversity/Institution with DistinctionCountryYear of Passing
B.E.Electronics and TelecommunicationRTM-NagpurIndia2008
M. TechMaterial ScienceIndian Institute of Technology (BHU), VaranasiIndia2012
Ph.DMetallurgical and Materials Engg.Indian Institute of Technology, RoorkeeIndia 2020


a) Main Area of SpecializationMaterial Science
b) Sub-area of SpecializationPiezo ceramics, Fuel cells, Building acoustics, Building materials, Agro-waste Management

Countries visited in connection with higher studies, research training, employment and other scientific assignments:

Country visitedPurposeFromTo
Publications and Patents
  • Current Publications (2009 onwards):
    1. Singh, Siddharth, Mickey Mecon Dalbehera, Soumitra Maiti, Ravindra Singh Bisht, Nagesh Babu Balam, and Soraj Kumar Panigrahi. “Investigation of agro-forestry and construction demolition wastes in alkali-activated fly ash bricks as sustainable building materials.” Waste Management 159 (2023): 114-124.
    2. Singh, Siddharth, Mickey Mecon Dalbehera, A. Aravind Kumar, Soumitra Maiti, Nagesh Babu Balam, Ravindra Singh Bisht, and Soraj Kumar Panigrahi. “Elevated temperature and performance behaviour of rice straw as waste bio-mass based foamed gypsum hollow blocks.” Journal of Building Engineering (2023): 106220.
    3. Singh, Siddharth, Soumitra Maiti, Ravindra Singh Bisht, Nagesh Babu Balam, Rakesh Solanki, Ajay Chourasia, and Soraj Kumar Panigrahi. “Performance behaviour of agro-waste based gypsum hollow blocks for partition walls.” Scientific Reports 12, 1 (2022): 1-16.
    4. Singh, Siddharth, and Soumitra Maiti. “Investigation of glassy phase silica in low calcium content fly ash by X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy.” Surface and Interface Analysis 54, no. 1 (2022): 45-51.
    5. Bisht, Ravindra Singh, Soraj Kumar Panigrahi, Siddharth Singh, Dinesh Kumar, and Sameer Yadav. “Design analysis of a machine for manufacturing of bricks from industrial waste: simulations and experiments.” International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) 15, no. 4 (2021): 587-596.
    6. Singh, Siddharth, Anjan Sil, and Sandip Bysakh. “Compatibility study of La2NiO4+δ and La2Mo1.5W0.5O9 as electrode-electrolyte material for solid oxide fuel cell.” Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 250 (2021): 147087.
    7. Singh Siddharth, Bisht Ravindra Singh, Ajay Chourasia, Patel Rajith, Jain Shorab, Sameer, Yadav, and Soraj Kumar Panigrahi “Performance evaluation of autoclaved aerated concrete and brick masonry buildings: A case study in north Indian climatic region” Acoustical Society of India, 48, (2021) 185-201
    8. Singh, Siddharth, Ajay Chourasia, Ravindra Singh Bisht, and Sameer Yadav. “Thermal and acoustic performance of cement fibreboard and bamboo buildings.” Indian Jourla of Engineering and Material Sciences, 28, (2021) 462-471.
    9. Singh, Siddharth, and Soumitra Maiti. “Investigation of glassy phase silica in low calcium content fly ash by X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy.” Surface and Interface Analysis 54, no. 1 (2022): 45-51.
    10. Singh, Siddharth, Soumitra Maiti, Sonia Rani, Hari Raj, Ravindra Singh Bisht, Soraj Kumar Panigrahi, and Inderjeet Tyagi. “Ti doped BaMnO3 perovskite structure as photocatalytic agent for the degradation of noxious air and water pollutants.” SN Applied Sciences 2, no. 2 (2020): 1-9.
    11. Raj, Hari, Siddharth Singh, and Anjan Sil. “TiO2 shielded Si nano-composite anode for high energy Li-ion batteries: The morphological and structural study of electrodes after charge-discharge process.” Electrochimica Acta, 326, (2019): 134981.
    12. Singh, Siddharth, Singh Mahavir, Maiti Soumitra, Bisht Ravindra, Singh, Panigrahi Soraj, Kumar, and Sameer. “Investigation of low frequency sound absorption property of fluorogypsum material for indoor applications” Acoustical Society of India, 46, (2019): 78-86.
    13. Singh, Siddharth, Sil, Anjan, and Sandip Bysakh. “Effect of K doping on Mo6+ stability and ionic conductivity study in La2Mo2O9 as oxide-ion conductor.” Materials Research Express 6, no. 5 (2019): 056203.
    14. Singh, Siddharth, Sil, Anjan, and Sandip Bysakh. “Effect of grain boundary and Ar–H2 atmosphere on electrical conductivity of bulk a-La2Mo2O9 studied by impedance and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.” Materials Research Express 6, no. 3 (2018): 035505.
    15. Bysakh, Sandip, and Anjan Sil. “X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and ion dynamics study of W6+ doped La2Mo2O9 as SOFC electrolyte.” Materials Research Bulletin 105 (2018): 36-44.
    16. Singh, Siddharth, Maiti, Soumitra, Hari Raj, Bisht Ravindra Singh, Minocha A. K., Panigrahi, S. K, Alexander Soju, and Singh Mahavir. “X—ray photoelectron spectroscopy study on adsorption property of harmful air pollutants on zeolite prepared from fly ash.” Materials Research Express 5, no. 8 (2018): 085507.
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Awards and Distinctions (including fellowships of the learned societies):.

Name of AwardAwarded byAwarded forYear
Professional Experience:
1.Sr. Scientist, CSIR CBRI Roorkee, 2019-Till Date.
2.Scientist, CSIR CBRI Roorkee, 2017-2019.
3.Scientist, CSIR CGCRI Kolkata, 2014-2017