R&D Areas of the Group:

Advanced Concrete

Geopolymer, Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Fiber Reinforced Composites, Agro Waste Concrete, Nano Fibers in Concrete Composites, Cold Weather Concreting, Polymer Concrete and its Application, Composite Cements, Lightweight concretes, Statistical modelling, Clinker Synthesis, Wastes utilization, Low Energy/Low Carbon cement, Polymer- cement interaction, Stabilized mud composite, Digital Concrete for 3D Printing

Corrosion Control  & Waterproofing

Corrosion control materials & techniques, Protective and decorative coatings and finishes, Water proofing systems for building applications, Health assessment of existing structures and preventive measures for service life enhancement, Suitability assessment of materials for specific end applications, Paints, Protective Coatings, Corrosion inhibitors, Synthesis, Corrosion, Pigments, Dyes, Resins, Polymers, Composites, Nanomaterials, Repair Materials

Structural Steel, Concrete / Composites

Pre cast Structures, Static/Cyclic Behaviour of RC Structures, High Performance Innovative Retrofitting Techniques, Textile reinforced Mortar, Affordable Damper for Structural Applications, Collapsible Structure, Make Shift Structure, Analysis and Design of Concrete Structures, Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures, Testing of Concrete in Structures, Precast Concrete and Connections, Pre-stressed Concrete

Waste Utilization

Recycled Aggregate Concrete, Agro-industrial Waste Utilization, C&D Waste based Building Products, Sustainable Materials in Construction, Structural and Non Structural product from Stone Waste.

Major projects:

  • Development of low energy- low carbon ECO cementitious binders via synergistic use of low graded industrial wastes for sustainable development (GAP-0090)
  • Development of performance improved precast lightweight composite materials using solid wastes (GAP-0120)
  • Development of protective coating for improved energy efficiency in buildings
  • Studies of Nano-engineered cementitious and polymeric binders in developing high performance building materials
  • Performance enhancement of cementitious and polymeric materials through Nanotechnology
  • Development of multifunctional coatings using nanotechnology
  • Supervision of painting work & performance evaluation of IPNet paints to be used in the painting of M.T.P. phase II Railway Bridges, Chennai
  • Health assessment of product plant (Bagging Plant) and allied structure, Kribhco Nagar, Surat
  • Studies on mechanical and durability properties of Normal and High Strength Concrete with Graphene
  • Development of Strengthening and Retrofitting Technique for RC Structures using Hybrid Textile Reinforcement
  • Health Assessment and Repair of Buildings in Township of NTPC, Vindhyanagar

For further details contact:

Dr. S. R. Karade
Advanced Concrete, Steel & Composites Group
Phone : +91-1332-283463
Fax : +91-1332-272272
Email : srkarade [at] cbri.res.in