R&D Areas:

To provide optimal solution for building construction mechanization and their automation. Followings are the current R & D areas:-

  • Development of affordable and modular machinery for building construction and production of building components
  • Robotic applications in building construction and services
  • Sensor development and Instrumentation
  • Building Acoustics, Agro-waste Management
  • Structure Health monitoring
  • Design and development of In-house 3D Concrete Printer

Major projects

  • A multi usable self- rescue descent device to escape from high rise buildings during disasters sponsored by CSIR India under fast track commercialization scheme.
  • Development and trials of a gantry robot for 3D concrete printing sponsored by CSIR India under fast track translation scheme
  • Establishment of a center of innovation and manufacturing eco-system in industrial IOT vertical-3: smart structure and structural health monitoring(CBRI Part) sponsored by MeITY, India.
  • Design and development of thermoelectric module system for conditioning a 1m x 1m model space with improved coefficient of performance (In-house R & D).
  • Study and development of agro-waste based gypsum blocks for non-load bearing indoor application (In-house R & D).
  • Design and development of standalone IoT based radiant cooling unit coupled with earthenware heat rejection and mini DOS (In-house R & D).
  • Design and demonstration of mechanism for the Surya Teelak of Shri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya sponsored Sri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Khshetra Trust, Ayodhya
  • SHM and instrumentation at New Parliament Building, sponsored by CPWD New DElhiCentral Vista (along with SE Group, CBRI)
  • Detailed Condition Assessment of Steel & Concrete Structures at Coal Handling Plant, sponsored NTPC India(along with SE Group, CBRI)

For further details please contact:

Dr. S. K. Panigrahi
Construction, Automation & Robotics Group
Phone : +91-1332-283340
Fax : +91-1332-272272
Email : skpanigrahi [at] cbri.res.in